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Legacy Control GWU (Bant) Theme/Gimmick


I cant be stuck in one place for long...

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Check out Ambition on youtube if you dig this compilation!
This is an experimental deck revolving around Astral Slide. It's a card that's been brewed around for ages in various formats.

I love Pirates, but don't feel any from the new Ixalan set are particularly Legacy worthy yet. and have a particular affection for Cowboy Bebop; Rishada is primarily inhabited by pirates. Astral + Rishada = Space Pirates.

The core idea is to flicker our Rishadans: Rishadan Brigand , Rishadan Cutpurse and Rishadan Footpad to abuse their ETBs forcing opponents to sacrifice permanents.

Our enablers to trigger Astral Slide are our cycling lands: Lonely Sandbar , Tranquil Thicket, Secluded Steppe and the new BiCycle lands from Amonkhet - Irrigated Farmland and Scattered Groves.

Other cycling cards like Nimble Obstructionist seems like a fantastic card to cycle on its own, and Censor is a mini-Miscalculation, but can be cycled for cheap if need be.

There's a cute interaction between Edge of Autumn and Flagstones of Trokair. Not only are we getting a land, we cycling and thus trigger Astral Slide, blinking our things.

Ghostly Flicker blinks our things and triggers the Pirates' effects; Eternal Witness and Life from the Loam offer graveyard recursion for our cycled cards; E-Wit can also be blinked for repeated effect.

Should you wish to go a more budget route with the manabase, the shocklands should suffice in place of the ABUR dual lands. Lotus Petal is an okay solution to Mox Diamond, especially with it's insane spike in price. It can also benefit from Eternal Witness.

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I just want to take this time to thank you all for getting this deck to #1!

Please, continue to sit back, take a load of and enjoy the endless tunes at Cowboy Cafe.


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