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Sedris, the Combo King (EDH) !Critique, Please!

Commander / EDH Combo Reanimator U/B/R (Grixis)


This is a Sedris EDH deck on which I have been playing and fine tuning for a long time now. It is your classic "Fill up the grave, bring 'em on back" set up, but with Grixis' red splash, that recursion often times comes with some fire power, including an almost guaranteed one-shot combo.

In a perfect world, it goes like this...

The key cards to the process are all my tutors to dig out the pieces, Tunnel Vision naming Twilight's Call, hopefully having landed the Flayer of the Hatebound in the process. On my next turn, cast Twilight's Call and that's pretty much good game. I have dudes like Moltensteel Dragon, Akroma, Angel of Fury and Moonveil Dragon in here in case I need a little extra damage to get checked when the Flayer of the Hatebound resolves. If even that isn't lethal, Urabrask the Hidden usually takes care of business. He becomes essential to victory in a multiplayer game, however.

Sometimes thing don't work out but all the other cards in here act as a "plan B" and simply pull off similar combos of different magnitudes.

There are so many fun things to do with this deck; Sedris is my favorite Legend, hands down. Grixis is wildly rude when it comes to reanimation. Enjoy, I sure do.


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