More of a collaborative build of Higin317's original Ring of Fire. I loved playing against this deck as it was so very god-damned nasty.. but I thought it just wasn't consistent enough. So, Higin and I have been discussing the deck at length (we work together, IRL) and this is the result of those discussions. So, here is my version: Searing Flesh.


T1: Play Quest for Pure Flame or Molten Vortex

T2: For future continuous mana production, play a Runaway Steam-Kin as soon as possible. Or Electrostatic Field or Firebrand Archer. These also add counters to Steam-Kin.

T3: Guttersnipe, or any other pingers + proc Molten Vortex or drop Quest for Pure Flame.

T4: Play the longest storm chain possible. Each spell triggers damage, and adds counters to Steam-Kin.

Damage dealt this way gets around players with Shroud, and hits all opponents, making this a "hot" multi-player deck.

While you're doing damage, the Quest for Pure Flame easily racks up counters like a 1980's pinball machine, and doubles up the damage for the turn's duration when desired.

End any chain with a Grapeshot.

I tried to keep 4x storm, pain, and mana bugs in the deck, while minimizing waste draws and juicy graveyard resources with the addition of only 3 utility 1-cost cards.

Grim Lavamancer and Molten Vortex reduce "dead" draws, as they turn drawn lands, spent spells, and topdecking cards if hellbent, into more pain.

Hope you guys like it! It's a lot of fun! Leave feedback and suggestions below!

If you like the deck, or add it to a folder, please the card below!


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Played this deck at my local LGS. It's a casual format FNM. While I didn't face any tier 1 or Tier 2 decks, the draws and plays I had are noteorthy.

Game 1: vs kaladesh-standardish U-Midrange
Draw: 2x Mountain, Molten Vortex, Runaway Steam-Kin, Electrostatic Field, Guttersnipe, Needle Drop

T1: (on draw): Mountain, Molten Vortex
T2: (draw Mountain) mountain, Runaway Steam-Kin
T3: (draw Electrostatic Field), mountain, Guttersnipe (counter on Kin)
T4: (draw Mountain) mountain, 2x Electrostatic Field (2x counter on kin) T5: (draw mountain) proc Molten Vortex to do 2 damage, Needle Drop, into Warlord's Fury, into, 2x Needle Drop, proc Kin) into Grapeshot. Gg. It was a beautiful kill.

Game 2: vs. modern b/w vampires
T1: same as above
T2: land, Electrostatic Field
T3: Land, Guttersnipe
T4: land, Runaway Steam-Kin T5: Warlord's Fury, Crimson Wisps, Needle Drop, proc Kin, Crimson Wisps, Manamorphose, Manamorphose, proc Molten Vortex. Gg.

Really loving Guttersnipe. Considering another, possibly in place of a Grim Lavamancer. And move him to SB.

Thanks for the upvotes and feedback!!

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