sequel to an old casual deck of my friend's.

SCUMFUCK. Prepare to get Gruul'd

converted from Omnomnomnath, the Mana Thirsty



  1. gets lots of mana

  2. play big creatures

  3. fuck bitches

  4. get money

fun stuff

Karametra's Acolyte + 3 more devotion + Umbral Mantle

Same trick with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, but then toss in Hellkite Charger


slow early game. hard to protect self. reducing Average CMC slowly, but surely. Trying to trim out the fat. It's Gruul though so imo a high CMC can pay itself off in a decent game.


Removed Sylvan Primordial so my deck is legal. My heart was not in it, but hopefully the Combustible Gearhulk my friend gave me serves his place well.


TRAGIC DAY! Decimator of the Provinces, aka THE BIG RIG PIG, is now gone. Rest in Peace you magnificent bastard. Thank you to the man that taught me to make my opponents to hate magic. Primal Surge is fucked up in this deck. 10 mana is so easy to pump out

12-27-16Got Dryad Arbor for kicks. Celebrating by using the only feature token i'll prob ever use. <3 SCUMFUCK. Hoping for a solid 2017 with this deck.


Updates Add

This deck's final "evolution" is nearing with the introduction of the 3rd commander I'd planned for it, Mayael the Anima.

As I plan and formulate how to add a 3rd color into my deck while still keeping its idea of "big mana, big creatures", luckily not hard in naya, I'm thinking a lot about what made this deck so formidable in the first place.

This deck has been, traditionally, very resilient. My group has come up with a lot of answers to the shit I pull. Huge, unstoppable creatures paired with infinite mana. Massive card draw per turn, and a quick eye to destruction when it will benefit me. Of course they'd want to destroy my shit. One thing that's always left me happy with my deck, is you can wrath as much as you want. I'll be back in a turn or two.

The original spirit of the Omnath, Locus of Mana deck was a green mana battery. The 60 card deck abused devotion to play whatever I wanted, and moving into Omnath I used him primarily as a battery to store mana until I could play how I wanted. Lots of green creature tutors and plenty of unblockable ensured that I'd have mana, and ways to quickly close out games with my commander.

As I added red to deal with some problems of aggressiveness I was missing, I found Xenagos, God of Revels. Xenagos added a need for power. His haste enabling means I can swing as soon as something hits the board. Doubling its power (and adding to toughness) means I'm coming out with some massive creatures incredibly anyone who has played Xenagos will tell you, this is incredibly exhilarating. You can make creatures so damn big with this boy, and I love the direction my deck is moving.

Karametra's Acolyte, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, and Elvish Piper are some real MVPs for this deck. The former two can easily produce a shitload of mana and I commonly pair them with Umbral Mantle for uncountable amounts of mana. Elvish Piper has made games go from 0% to 100% on turn 4 by letting me drop something impressive like Worldspine Wurm. Oh sweet fuck I love Wurms. What do we do with all the mana though? Well I love Genesis Hydra, for acting as an accelerant early game, or a tutor late game. Usually all I need to hydra into is Siege Behemoth, Hamletback Goliath, or more commonly one of my mana dorks. However, I love me some X costs. Who wouldn't when your deck has, without going infinite, produced some odd 300 mana? You can also go infinite! Hydra Broodmaster has long been my ass pull. What do you say to infinite infinite/infinite hydras? Not a whole lot unless you're sitting on a wrath. Do I need to wrath myself? Polukranos, the World Eater is my man. "I fight every target for infinite power, can anything deal infinite toughness?". Savageborn Hydra is actually an awesome game changer. I have played him turn 2-3. Buffed him up while I waited for mana (we've all had those games), then dropped my commander, and started flying out with a huge double-striker. Heroes' Bane is another fun card to buff up. I've gotten him surprisingly big without going infinite. A few card draw cards like Soul of the Harvest, Regal Force, and Combustible Gearhulk (our group is always willing to give the draw. We like a fair fight so we can laugh harder as we crush it). I'm sure you've noticed that I've only really mentioned creatures. In this deck I have about 12 non permanents according to the online listing. 87% of the deck is permanent cards. A few minor enchantments, a ton of land, a few artifacts, my only pure walker (i run a flip walker), and 34 creatures. The actual deck underwent some changes and at the time of this writing, I'm too lazy to change it. Why is that important? Because Primal Surge is the shit, and I hate how everytime I use it I get 3 cards in, then hit a sorc. Fuck you primal surge. I've done the math. I've run some tests. It shouldn't happen like that. It always does though. The fucked up part? It's always Selvala's Stampede that it hits. Anyway, theoretically I run Primal Surge. I can play most of my deck from the top of my library. For 10 mana. Wanna talk about playing cards for free though? Garruk's Horde. No one seems to run him anymore, and I don't see why. In this deck he's usually just a Green Future Sight. Combined with Soul of the Harvest I can just keep playing cards until I find something big enough to kill everyone with. This deck does exactly what I want it to. Make lots of mana, play big creatures, ???, PROFIT!

Finally we have Mayael and my hopes for her. Naya produces some really good mana, I would know because of an old then-standard deck I used to run in shards/conflux. Naya can get really out of hand with its mana production, really quick. Then you have Naya's creatures. BIG. HUGE, MONSTROUS. That's all I want. That's what the last two decks have traditionally always been about. Very simple, very Timmy. Very pure natural rage. The addition of white is what I'm most excited about. Boros, now that I've rebuilt my first magic deck (a 60 card Boros Soldier tribal), I have a few Boros cards sitting around. Aurelia, the Warleader. Bought her to be a commander for my RW soldier deck. Now that its gone and she's not a soldier, I have her sitting around. Iroas, God of Victory, and a few others. Boros is about strength and unity. Something my untamed Gruul ass could learn something from. Then you have Selesnya. A guild I actually am not familiar with. I know it's about more mana, more production. Plentiful, and enough for all are Selesnya's themes. Themes my deck is incredibly ready for. Finally, the introduction of white. White is one of the colors I'm closer to in magic. The themes of Order and Purity. Domination through strength and humanity. It also, gameplay-wise, has cards I really want. Path to Exile. Finally an answer to those creatures I'm so sick of. Angels in general are going to be a godsend. Most of the useful ones are power 5+, and I can generate enough mana to play them. My group has found the need for sacrifice so Sigarda, Host of Herons is a card I definitely have my eye on.

All in all, I'm ready for it I just have one main dilemna. Do I put my Sacred Foundry in the 60 card deck, then drop for 3 more? Something I don't want to do because it'd be too much money. Or do I put it in the Naya deck? Which I dont want to do because I feel like the soldier deck has earned it. I pulled it when I started building the EDH form.


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