Gisela, Blade of Goldnight deck that is based on blasting everything on the battlefield while providing enough counter spells to keep the damage going. Most of the creatures in the deck dish out as much damage as they take, and any chance I can play Stuffy Doll legitimately is great. The two main strategies with this deck after playtesting a ton is to control the combo players, or prevent a game ending move with counterpells (which are always underestimated with these colors), and then utilize as much damage with redirecting an opponents attack/burn or dishing out your own. Repercussion and Pyrohemia come into play quite a bit, and with Gisela, Blade of Goldnight in play, dropping an Inferno Titan or getting a second attack with Aurelia, the Warleader can really turn the tide.

Enlightened Tutor - pretty obvious here, cast during opponent's end step
Stonehewer Giant - better use so that you can sneak it into play and activate for more stealth kills
Stoneforge Mystic - most likely worst use, no stealth, and unless there's mana to cast can be targeted in hand
Gamble - great, aside from the times that it gets picked (only use when more than 3 cards in hand minimum) Nahiri, the Lithomancer - not a search, but quick way to get multi use for cheap during second main
Any copy spell like Fork will be useful early game on green players for plays like Cultivate
Tithe - good use at any time you have less land than opponent (play before dropping land for turn)
Burnished Hart - pretty self explanatory
Knight of the White Orchid - good early drop, and usually okay late in game since there's always green doing their thing
Kor Cartographer - good way to get duals, same as Knight of the White Orchid, but always activates
Solemn Simulacrum - solid basic land and most likely to die to Pyrohemia
Weathered Wayfarer - for a more specific land search, usually getting Mistveil Plains or Ancient Tomb
Land Tax - solid, mostly, though more effective if I put in a Scroll Rack
Sword of the Animist - almost too effective, good early and late game
Gamble - I mean sure, if I had to yeah I'd do it (positive note is that I'd most likely have 7 cards in hand)
Dawn Elemental+Pariah - no more damage to you and you still have a good blocker
Stuffy Doll+Pariah - same deal and you get to hurt someone else, isn't that nice
Mother of Runes+Pariah+ any other creature - if you want to be complicated about the whole thing
Shaman en-Kor+Pariah+Boros Reckoner - for a bit of redirecting fun Personal Sanctuary - lets be honest, you'll be doing more damage to yourself than anyone else anyway
Martyrdom - because you can, and you can be political too, if you're into that sorta thing

This deck gets around pillow fort players as well with most of the creatures dealing damage to players or creatures when they take damage. With Gisela, Blade of Goldnight out it makes it even more lethal. There are a few options to make your creatures/permanents indestructible as well to keep burning away, ie Avacyn, Angel of Hope.

Personal Sanctuary+Pyrohemia - dish out damage to your hearts content
Spitemare+Blasphemous Act - dish out pain wherever and can be switched with Stuffy Doll, Boros Reckoner, Mogg Maniac
Heartless Hidetsugu+Gisela, Blade of Goldnight - kill everyone who has even numbered health because why not
Volcano Hellion+Repercussion - kill anyone who has less life and one creature in play
Volcano Hellion+Pariah+Repercussion+Boros Reckoner - does that mean the world ends?
Stuffy Doll+Volcano Hellion+Martyrdom+Mogg Maniac+Boros Reckoner+Spitemare - redirect 1 million damage and kill 4 people

You get the idea. Play stuff, burn it all to the ground. Maybe you make it out alive, maybe not.
Mana Tithe - turn one counter Sol Ring or Sensei's Divining Top can make people scoop
Dawn Charm - protect yourself
Lapse of Certainty - you thought you were going to win with your combo, and then you had to think about it for a turn
Rebuff the Wicked - protect a permanent
Fork, Reverberate- mess with their plans all you like and works great on Genesis Wave and Demonic Tutor type spells
Wild Ricochet - remind them who the boss is

This deck wins quite often, and most of the time with under 10 life remaining, so tread carefully. If you like the deck, feel free to upvote or leave a message. Always interested in other's ideas.


Updates Add

Changed the deck a bit more, added in more equipment to take advantage of all the equipment specific searching in the deck, and to make Gisela, Blade of Goldnight even more dangerous when she gets to attack. Also added in more counterspells to make sure my plays succeed.

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