Back on the road of improving my Scion deck The main goal of this deck is to use the ability of Scion of the Ur-Dragon to get value out of the expensive dragons in the Deck, such as surprise attacks, utility and protection. As a secondary commander I am running The Ur-Dragon , because it gives the deck the opportunity to be played without the Voltron aspect of it that Scion provides, while stil being strong and fun!

Because dragons are expensive and the Commander is , it is the most important in the early turns to a: ramp and b:fix the mana.

So the Green side of the Deck consists of mostly ramp and manafix to accomplish both, like birds of Paradiese. Red on the other Hand enables in the first few turns a setup for making dragons cheaper, like Dragonspeaker Shaman , Urza's Incubator and dragonlord servant

You can play Scion relatively early in the game, but because of the potential of him being able to kill someone literally the next turn with good mana distribution, I suggest to wait until you have 7 mana so that you are able to protect him. This way you can activate his ability in case someone tries to murder him, you can give him hexproof, for example with Dragonlord Ojutai , but it depends on the situation.

Early Game

So for the early game, you want to ramp as high as possible, and fast. Things like Sol Ring , Farseek , Birds of Paradise and Expedition Map are great for ramping and fetching lands. Rattleclaw Mystic is also great because you can play it for , then morph it the next turn for , get and can tap for an additional , or .
As of lands, the Trilands are a great way of surplying yourself with the five colours fast. Path of Ancestry is great because every dragon you cast with it lets you manipulate your top card, Command Tower taps for one of the five colours too. Also, you are running dragons, so having either Dragonlord's Servant , Dragonspeaker Shaman or Urza's Incubator are ways to get your dragons flying in no time.

While all of the above ramp or fix your mana, you need something to Set yourself up for the mid Part of the game. Things like Commander's Sphere and Rhystic Study let you draw cards and gas up (although Rhystic Study often just makes every spell of your opponents more expensive) . With Scion of the Ur-Dragon already on the battlefield, pay to transform him into draco mage to wheel every one and fill up your hand again through combat damage. This also can get rid of answers and removal, which your opponents are keeping in their hands.

Combos/plays with Scion

So first, the way Scion of the Ur-Dragon ability works, is that you pay and put it on the stack. That fact enables you to put it onto the stack every time you pay So when the first resolved, you can search for dragon A, mimiking it with scion, then when the next ability resolves, you can search for another dragon and let scion become that dragon until end of turn BUT! Although scion is another dragon now, He is still your commander! This is a crucial part of some of those combos. And also it is important to mention, that Scion does not keep his own ability. So keep that in mind for your own combos

Dragon Tyrant + Moltensteel Dragon you pay twice. Then you let the first on the stack resolve and turn scion into the Moltensteel Dragon . Before the second ability resolves, activate the ability of moltensteel as much as you need. For a kill with no commander damage dealt before, lets say 5 times. You pay 10 life, giving scion/moltensteel +5/+5. Now you let the second ability resolve and turn scion into the dragon tyrant, which is now a 11/6 flying trample doublestrike. Your opponent dies to 22 commander damage. If moltensteel is not available, you can still use dragon tyrant's firebreathing for 5 Red and do the same. With enough mana you can expand this. With scion in the command zone and 12 mana, you can cast him, and after He enters the battlefield, activate his ability 3 times Go for dragon tyrant, moltensteel and Skyship Stalker Turn him into Skyship Stalker Pay to give him haste Go then for the combo above to surprise your opponent with a 1 Hit kill they didn't expect

Bear Umbra + Hellkite Charger As long as your enemy doesn't have blockers against this, you pretty much win the game with this one. So when Hellkite Charger attacks, you can pay to untap all your creatures and attack again and Bear Umbra untaps all your lands when Hellkite attacks. Put Hellkites ability on the stack first and let Bear Umbra resolve first and you get infinite attacks. With your Commander out, this is possible the moment you have Bear Umbra in hand and lands to that tap for something like

Scion of the Ur-Dragon + Teneb, the Harvester Use dragons in your graveyard and reanimate them with Teneb. Simple as that. For plays, pay 2 twice. Then, resolved the first to put a dragon into your graveyard, like Dragonlord Ojutai , Dragonlord Silumgar or Dromoka, the Eternal . Now let the second ability resolve. Search for Teneb and put it into the graveyard. Scion can now reanimate the tutored dragon into play when he deals combat damage to a player. But beware that you can't reanimate Teneb with Scion/Teneb or one of them gets sacrifices. Although you could play it risky and sacrifice Scion then to reanimate it next turn with Teneb to set up a way to tutor for any dragon to hit the board every turn, not just one.

Atarka, World Render

Atarka interacts with many dragons in different ways. First, she can potentially turn your flyers into an even deadlier force. Think about when Hellkite Charger is on the battlefield and you have Scion of the Ur-Dragon in play or The Ur-Dragon Second, Atarka doubles the effectiveness of every dragon that has a triggerd ability when they deal combat damage! Thinking of Dragonlord Ojutai , Draco mage (wheel everyone for 7-14 cards each), Teneb, the Harvester (reanimate 2 dragons) , Balefire Dragon . So Atarka is clearly a force on its own, but the synergystic potential is even higher.

Control, Board wipes and Recovery

Coming soon

Thanks for reading and I hope that I was able to give you a good overview of what the Deck is supposed to do and how you are going to win/have fun with it


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