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Originally a Red deck for Game Day - 2/25/12. I'd been thinking about it for weeks, and finally threw something together the day before. What you see here is completely different from the initial version, which was a weird Goblin deck that was losing over and over again to a friend's casual decks during "playtesting". It was after midnight when we tore it down and started over, realizing that my anti-token/swarm sideboard should just become the maindeck instead. My first game with the new and revamped deck against another person was Round 1 of Game Day, and it was awesome.

It was recently updated for one last Standard hurrah before pretty much all the important parts of the deck get retired with the upcoming rotation. With that event being over, the deck is officially retired, but I'm totally going to keep it as a new personal casual deck (after I make a few changes).


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I'm cranking this up for one last ride, at a charity event this weekend at The Escapist Expo.

The token decks this was built to mercilessly crush don't exist anymore, so Whipflare has been reduced and moved to the sideboard, being replaced by 2 Staff of Nin (I always wished this deck could draw cards in the late game, and the Staff is almost like a planeswalker) and 2 Bonfire of the Damned (because I'd be stupid not to play it).

In the sideboard, hardly anyone seems to play Phyrexian Negator or Titans anymore, so Wrack with Madness is out, and Vulshok Refugee is out because hardly anyone seems to play Red anymore. In their place is the aforementioned Whipflare in case I need the extra support against aggro, a couple Grafdigger's Cages as extra support against pod/reanimation/Geralf's Messenger, an extra Wurmcoil Engine because of the continued popularity of Blood Artist and a fourth Koth of the Hammer for the matches where I tear off the top of the curve and make the deck faster.

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