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Scarab God's Zombie Bonanza EDH

Commander / EDH Budget Tribal UB (Dimir) Zombie



This is a focused EDH deck designed around playing a tribal zombie theme and draining all of your opponents at the same time with both the commander and the damage engines.

Adaptive Automaton --- As it enters declare zombie and it acts as a bare-bones zombie lord

Death Baron --- Zombie lord + Deathtouch for all other zombies

Diregraf Captain --- Zombie lord + ping damage

Eternal Skylord --- Flying for all zombie tokens

Lord of the Accursed --- Zombie lord + Menace for all other zombies

Metallic Mimic --- Declare zombie, leave lasting counters on all incoming zombies, but not any that were on the field previously

Risen Executioner --- Zombie lord + recursion

Vizier of the Scorpion --- Deathtouch for all zombie tokens

Zombie Trailblazer --- Gives evasion for attacks

Graf Harvest --- Menace for all zombies + token production

Liliana's Mastery --- Zombie buff + token production

Rooftop Storm --- Hand dump

Lazotep Plating --- Protects all of the precious zombies

Liliana, Untouched By Death --- Graveyard pump + Removal + Recursion

Gleaming Overseer --- Hexproof + Menace for all zombie tokens

Aven Eternal --- Simple 2 body for 1 card

Cryptbreaker --- Creates 2/2 Zombies through getting rid of unwanted lands or putting zombie cards in the graveyard for the graveyard support cards.

Josu Vess, Lich Knight --- Early game blocker or late game bomb

Dreadhorde Invasion --- Consistent zombie token pump + Lifelink to zombies with 6+ power

Open the Graves --- Refills board with zombies for all non-token zombies that die

Army of the Damned --- Literally just makes 13 2/2 zombie tokens

Dread Summons ---Fills all graveyards + fills your board with zombies based on creatures put into each graveyard

Champion of Wits --- for (3) Draw 2 and discard 2 make a 2/1 body; for (7) Draw 4 discard 2 make a 4/4 token

Forgotten Creation --- Allows you to pitch your entire hand into the graveyard to both fill the grave, and to refill with better spells

God-Eternal Bontu --- Sac any amount of permanents and draw equal to that number of permanents

Midnight Reaper --- On self creature death draw

Tomebound Lich --- Loots on ETB and on player damage

Undead Augur --- On self creature death draw

Commence the Endgame --- Draw 2 make a zombie token

Fact or Fiction --- Draw 2-3 cards

Razaketh, the Foulblooded --- Absolute bomb (NOT BUDGET FRIENDLY) allows instant speed tutors with no mana cost

Consuming Aberration --- Mills opponents and gets larger from doing so

Gisa and Geralf --- Allows recursion of 1 zombie per turn

Lazav, the Multifarious --- Copy any creature in your graveyard

Prized Amalgam --- Recurs for free when another creature returns from your grave

Soulless One --- Gets large and in charge based on board and grave zombies

Stitcher Geralf --- Mills players and makes tokens based on what it can mill

Vizier of Many Faces --- Can recur itself once

Wonder --- Gives creatures flying if in grave

God-Pharaoh's Gift --- Exile any creature from your graveyard to make a 4/4 copy without cost once per turn

Zombie Apocalypse --- Return ALL zombie cards to the battlefield + potential removal

Possessed Skaab ---Recur answers when it ETB

Fleshbag Marauder --- Forces each player to sacrifice

Noxious Ghoul --- Can continually boardwipe non-zombies

Call to the Grave --- Forces opponents to sacrifice

Essence Scatter --- Stops bombs or commanders from entering

Tyrant's Scorn --- Removal or return creature to hand

Sinister Sabotage --- Stops bombs or commanders from entering

Vraska's Contempt --- Threat removal + lifegain

Callous Dismissal --- Removal + zombie token

Dark Salvation --- Zombie token creation and single target removal

Enter the God-Eternals --- Removal + mill + zombie token + lifegain

Never / Return --- Removal + zombie token

Gray Merchant of Asphodel --- Drain all opponents for devotion to black on ETB

Shepherd of Rot --- Damage ALL players based on zombies

Torgaar, Famine Incarnate --- Set an opponent's life to 20

Vengeful Dead --- Ping opponents on zombie death

Throne of the God-Pharaoh --- Ping per tapped creature on end step

Plague Belcher --- Ping opponents on zombie death


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