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Scarab God - Zombie Horde ~ Updated

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)


I have been looking to build a zombie tribal commander deck for a while with no success in my play group. I have created a deck based of the cards that I have to play test and see if I need to make changes. If you see something that would work better please let me know! Looking for graveyard recursion, zombie hordes and burning out opponents with card draw using my commander.

So after a few times playing with this deck, it has been a better experience than my first Gisa and Geralf deck! There have been a few different ways that with in a span of a turn have produced a massive amount of zombies at once.

The combined effects of scrying with scarab and drawing what I want from graveborn muse has also been helpful. Any ideas for more zombie mayhem is greatly appreciated!


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