Pioneer format Scapeshift Field of the Dead deck.

Field of the Dead - make many zombies to swing for win.
Best set-up is as following:
Opening hand:
- Breeding Pool
- Botanical Sanctum
- any land #1
- Growth Spiral
- Arboreal Grazer
- Scapeshift or Sylvan Awakening
- Hour of Promise
Turn 1: Play Botanical Sanctum untapped, play Arboreal Grazer , put any land #1 tapped.
Turn 2: Play any land #1 and play Growth Spiral at the end of opponent's step. In 2 draws you should have drawn another land, place it tapped onto the battlefield as a result of Growth Spiral .
Turn 3: Play Breeding Pool untapped. Spend the 5 available mana to play Hour of Promise to find Field of the Dead and any land #2. This will make 2 zombies total.
Turn 4: Play any land #3 you should have drawn in 2 draws and play Scapeshift , and sacrifice every land except Field of the Dead , search for the Field of the Dead and 6 other lands with different names. This will effectively make 15 Zombies this turn.
Turn 5: Swing for the win.
This is a sideboard tuned mainly for the current top 5 popular decks in the format.
Grixis - life total is not a concern here for us, we have to worry about outspeeding our opponent and making sure their disruption is not as effective, but also that we can stick to our game plan. Keeping creatures on the board is not as good in this matchup since Grixis runs plenty of "destroy" spells. In: +2 Dovin's Veto +2 Deputy of Detention +2 Veil of Summer . Out: -4 Courser of Kruphix -2 Scapeshift .
Mono-Red Aggro - this is where we want to value our life total more than our game plan. We need to be able to react to burn early in the game with lifegain and be able to swarm the opponent with zombies as the game plan. In: +2 Dovin's Veto +1 Oko, Thief of Crowns . Out: -3 Hour of Promise .
Selesnya Company (or Bant Company) - it tries to outswarm us. Long term we get the edge but it can build both vertical and horizontal army pretty quick. We want to counter Collected Company and win right after that. In: +2 Dovin's Veto +2 Supreme Verdict . Out: -2 Scapeshift -2 Elvish Rejuvenator .
4C Saheeli Copycat - Felidar Guardian BANNED
Aetherworks Marvel decks - this is a combo deck as well, but it is quite dependent on Aetherworks Marvel to work. If the Aetherworks Marvel is disabled there are plenty of dead cards in opponents hand, which is a win for us. In: +2 Deputy of Detention +2 Dovin's Veto +1 Pithing Needle +2 Grafdigger's Cage Out: -4 Courser of Kruphix -2 Scapeshift -2 Sylvan Caryatid .
Delirium - graveyard hate is usually enough to work around this. Mainboard tutorable Scavenger Grounds is great but extra inclusions don't hurt. In: +2 Grafdigger's Cage +2 Ashiok, Dream Render Out: -2 Teferi, Time Raveler -2 Courser of Kruphix .
Abzan Rally - disrupting the combo kill by life drain is important here. Also it feels fantastic to Veil of Summer opponent's Thoughtseize or Duress . In: +2 Grafdigger's Cage +2 Ashiok, Dream Render +2 Veil of Summer Out: -2 Courser of Kruphix -4 Elvish Rejuvenator .
Mono-Black Devotion - playing against is troublesome, but since most of the troublesome cards are creatures, aside from Liliana, the Last Hope , some creature kill spells is enough to delay the deck. In: +2 Dovin's Veto +2 Deputy of Detention +2 Supreme Verdict Out: -2 Sylvan Caryatid -2 Scapeshift -2 Elvish Rejuvenator .


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