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Savra, Queen of multiple personalities

Commander / EDH* BG (Golgari) Control Dredge Multiplayer Stax


I'm coming full circle here... after brief dalliances with new Golgari legends as they've been released, this general group of cards spent some time with both Meren of Clan Nel Toth and The Gitrog Monster at the helm.

Why didn't the new commanders stick around? That's a bit complicated...

Meren of Clan Nel Toth: Seemed like a natural fit. Profit from creatures dying, free recursion in theory a real Win/Win situation. In practice I couldn't shake the habit of holding my commander back until I'd established board control and Meren wants to experience things. So it ended up being (at best) a 4 mana Raise Dead... back to the drawing board.

The Gitrog Monster: It is a fantastic card I loved playing it but after a relocating cross country a more competitive metagame has forced my hand. Focused combo lists put the fear of the frog into people and I've grown tired of playing archenemy despite not playing the combo list myself. Noted side effect, I was also able to cut fetchlands that had come with the frog with 7 fetches Birthing Pod and Survival of the Fittest I felt like I was shuffling the whole game.

Multiple personalities? What's going on here?

Deck has several let's call them modes of operation.

Toolbox of Answers: Golgari has a Diverse array of removal and can handle any permanent type. The creatures in this deck were chosen to have natural Birthing Pod chains where possible.

Example Bone Shredder> Ravenous Chupacabra > Shriekmaw

I'm still waiting for a 4 mana Naturalize creature to chain into Acidic Slime. (trying out Wickerbough Elder to fill this need.)

Key Cards: Survival of the Fittest Evolutionary Leap Birthing Pod

Recursion: The most common way this deck functions is out of its graveyard facilitated through dredge and similar effects. Two mass reanimation spells function as game enders, for the most part, but Living Death for Value can also be something worth doing.

Key Cards: Volrath's Stronghold Tortured Existence Oversold Cemetery Genesis

Sacrifice Matters: Having Grave Pact in the command zone telegraphs this as a primary strategy. There is something of a lack of traditional outlets none of the gravepact effects are something that I rush out early.

Key cards: Phyrexian Tower Merciless Executioner and Friends Yawgmoth, Thran Physician Grave Pact Dictate of Erebros

Lands Matter Being a two color deck there is plenty of room available for utility lands and dredging fills the graveyard with lands as much as creatures. I spent sometime with 7 cycling lands rather than 4 and found it was too many. I strongly prefer World Shaper to Splendid Reclamation due to the ease of recurring creatures vs spells.

Key cards Ramunap Excavator World Shaper Life From the Loam Crucible of Worlds


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Blast Zone



Have been unimpressed by blast zone and have added back a colored mana source.

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