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Savra, I Hardly Knew Ya

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Savra, Queen of the Golgari EDH deck.

Built in real life and it works swimmingly. Reminder to self to add some cards: Disturbed Burial, Corpse Dance , Carrion Call , Corrupted Harvester , Dross Hopper , Flesh Allergy , Fume Spitter , Putrefax and Slice in Twain , Sylvok Lifestaff , and to get the Grave Pact back: Dowsing Shaman , Nature's Spiral , Reclaim or Restock , and Rofellos's Gift .

Each card has some synergy with Savra by either making creatures, sacrificing creatures, or bringing back the creatures you sacrificed.

Blood Speaker is a good creature to tutor. Not only is he a black creature that can sacrifice itself, but he can get your Demon of Death's Gate, which can sacrifice 3 creatures to come in early. With Savra in play - that means each opponent is going to sacrifice a LOT of creatures.

If life loss becomes a problem, Ant Queen makes for a fine token generator, as does Mycoloth.

The one thing I wasn't able to get into this deck was the ability to toss a big creature in the graveyard for some reanimation. Since I'm running Dread Return and Zombify , I thought it would be great to have a Terastodon in the yard by turn 4, but cards that discard don't seem to fit in the deck. The only close swap I could have done would be to take out Malevolent Awakening and replace it with Tortured Existence , but you lose the sacrifice aspect, which the deck relies on. Since the deck needs a creature to sacrifice AND a sac outlet, I have to accept the fact that reanimation is for another deck.

Please comment if you have ideas, and as always, include what you would take OUT to put your suggestions in, which as we know is the difficult part.


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TOTALLY redesigned the deck now that Theros is out and has some interesting cards to add. Comment if you like the changes or have any other recommendations.


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