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Savage Assault(Infinite mana + combat phases!)

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Hello! This is my 60 card casual dragon deck! The main strategy here is getting out a Savage Ventmaw and using it to pay for huge spells or trigger my infinite combo.

Let's go over the parts of the deck:

Mana ramp: Elvish Mystics and Dragonlord's Servant are a must, but the real star is the Generator Servant , able to get a Ventmaw out on turn 4 with haste too!

Haste: I already talked about Generator Servant . Joining it are Dragon Tempest(also good for burn when you have enough dragons)), and Sarkhan Vol 's first and second abilities.

Big dumb creatures(and some small ones too): Atarka, World Render for double strike, which is somewhat underrated in my opinion, Dragonlord Atarka for some creature/planeswalker removal(also because who doesn't want an 8/8 trampling flyer?), Hornet Queen for some persuasive deathtouch defense, and finally, Managorger Hydra for it's potential to become B I G. I once got it to 45/45 in a multiplayer game. The hydra also serves as a distraction from the real threat in this deck, the Ventmaw.

Win Condition 1: The main one here is the infinite attack combo, Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault. Swing with the Ventmaw, pay for the Assault, repeat, win hard. You also get one leftover mana to pay for other spells if you have them.

Win Condition 2: Sarkhan Vol 's ultimate ability + Dragon Tempest. Like dealing 25 damage to straight to the face THEN have five 4/4 hasty flying dragons to finish off who's left? This is the combo for you.

Win condition 3: Mana ramp + Burn. It's that simple. X-mana Sorceries like Burn from Within and Clan Defiance are okay because the mana from the Ventmaw doesn't empty from your pool until end of turn. Same thing with Flameblast Dragon , only during combat. Dragon Tempest can be helpful if you have enough dragons, and Zhur-Taa Druid always tries his hardest.

Other helpful spells: Sarkhan's Triumph : 3 mana Dragon tutor. Love it. Fog, because why not? I might need it because I don't have any vigilance and will often leave myself unprotected. Pulse of Murasa for some life-gain and to get back a dead creature or Haven of the Spirit Dragon if I used that beforehand. Predator's Rapport , also for some emergency life-gain. Browbeat for some card draw or some cheap burn. Love that card.

Utility lands: Haven of the Spirit Dragon to grab a dead dragon, and Rogue's Passage to make my Ventmaws unblockable.

Optimal turn Progression:

Turn 1: Forest, Elvish Mystic.

Turn 2: Mountain, Generator Servant and another Mystic.

Turn 3: Rogue's Passage, sacrifice Generator Servant to play Savage Ventmaw, play Aggravated Assault.

Turn 4: Make Ventmaw unblockable, Swing until victory.


Updates Add

IN: x1 Burn from Within and x1 Sarkhan's Triumph to make full playsets too add more consistency, x1 Generator Servant for more ramp/haste plus they go better casting X spells, x2 Dragon Hatchling, for some early chump blockers, Dragon Tempest triggers, and buffable attackers later in the game, and finally, x1 Sarkhan Vol. So glad I picked up another copy of him, and for free too! Creature buff, haste, and mass dragon-drop for the win.

OUT: -2 Zhur-Taa Druid, to slow and I prefer Generator Servant, -1 Predator's Rapport and Pulse of Murasa, never really needed the life gain, and -1 Atarka, World Render and Hornet Queen, getting rid of the 7-mana creatures so my Savage Ventmaw's can pay for anything in the deck.


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