Hey everybody this is my idea for a Saskia deck as well as some upgrade ideas I had. Any suggestions for cards to add or cards to change would be very appreciated. The general premise around the deck is to generate a large amount of mana and to smash in with fairly large creatures but also to deal as much damage as possible with saskia's ability.



I think I have a few suggestions that may help! Hardened Scales, and Winding Constrictor, Ajani, Caller of the Pride are fun for extra counters on creatures. Nahiri, the Harbinger is really good for searching creatures and would allow you to grab any of the titans(Ulamog, Kozilek, or Emrakul) or other big creatures! for more haste i would run Swiftfoot Boots and or Fervor. Zendikar Resurgent is super good and i believe a staple in commander! I hope these help and will probably come back for more suggestions!

March 27, 2017 10:04 p.m.

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