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This is my rendition of a Sarkahan Unbroken with Crater's Claws as my signature spell Oathbreaker deck. I based this off my ol' Standard 2015-2016 Temur Monsters list, now turned eternal with some spicy cards.

The main idea is to tempo out my opponents with good value creatures that are hasty, evasive, and pack a punch, to either knockout or severely cripple the other players to where they can't recover. However there are other utility creatures can close out the late game.

Lathliss, Dragon Queen + Sarkhan Unbroken is just fun. Fact or Fiction , Mystical Tutor , and See the Unwritten keep card advantage rolling while the creatures keep beating. As a note this deck needs to stay on the lower end of power levels because I play with a few newcomers but still function efficient to keep it fun. Thanks for checking it out!


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