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Sarkhan, Standing in a Puddle

Oathbreaker Combo Ramp RUG (Temur)



In this dragon tribal deck, you don't want to draw your dragons.

Basically, ramp until you can cast Sarkhan Unbroken and keep him protected (Control magic, Fog spells, beefy blockers, whatever you like) and then one turn later cast Planewide Celebration , proliferate four times, and ult Sarkhan for an instant win* thanks to Scourge of Valkas and/or Dragon Tempest .

I'm pretty bad at devising precise mana bases, so I simply included the Shocks and Pains for Temur (GR/UR/UG), Haven of the Spirit Dragon because I like it, and Basics. You may ask, "But Stopwatch, there are way more red cards in your deck than green ones! Why put in more forests than mountains?" The answer is simple: we're not really casting the big red dragons.

There is potential for some serious acceleration if you get Carpet of Flowers or Defense of the Heart . If you crack Defense of the Heart, my opinion is that Savage Ventmaw is a good pick, since it can speed your ramp way up. You may be tempted to get Scourge of Valkas out, but that will make it vulnerable to removal and then you don't win off of the ult.

Suggestions welcome.

*Technically, this is not an instant win. Most of the time, it deals somewhere between 100 and 169 damage in X increments of X where X is the number of Dragons left in your library when you ult Sarkhan. Basically, if one of your opponents is hexproof or running lots of lifegain, someone may survive. But you've got lots of dragons on the field, so you're looking good even if they're hanging on.


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