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My 60 card deck i play with. Im open to ideas. Basically you make tokens and swarm the opponent while at the same time Altar of the Brood mills them. I played commander decks with this 60 and made each player simultaneously mill 80 cards with Mycoloth and 2Altar of the Brood.

Combos are
Altar of the Brood + Mycoloth This makes milling just retarded

Helm of the Host + Mycoloth Mycoloth makes tokens during upkeep and helm copies mycoloth then eats those tokens. Basically doubling your token producers every turn. If these are on the field the game is over. Unless there is the obvious field wipe.

Helm of the Host + Tendershoot Dryad Tendershoot makes tokens and buffs them when helm of the host is equipped you make more tokens my favorite way... Passively.

Helm of the Host + Overgrown Battlement Mana production is stupid. If you have token doublers Parallel Lives,Doubling Season,Second Harvest it gets out of hand fast. With this card the more creatures with defender the more mana you make. Have 5 Overgrown Battlement on the field thats 25 mana per turn.

Relic of Progenitus Keeps those graveyard players at bay. Scavenging Ooze Works well to.

If you want to make it more budget you can replace Parallel Lives with Growing Ranks, and Relic of Progenitus with Scavenging Ooze.

There are no board wipe protectors. I haven't needed them. Funny enough this deck has out milled mill decks. Out of 20 matches i probably lost 5. Twice winning by milling everyone in a 4v4.


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