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Santa Clause is Coming to Town (A Christmas Story)

Casual Aggro Ramp RG (Gruul)



You know Dasher ( Ulamog's Crusher ) and Dancer ( Hand of Emrakul ), Prancer (It That Betrays) and Vixen (Artisan of Kozilek), Comet (Pathrazer of Ulamog) and Cupid (Spawnsire of Ulamog), Donner ( Khalni Hydra ) and Blitzen (Primordial Hydra), But do you know the most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph (Lightning Serpent), of course! So for Santa (Emrakul, the Aeons Torn) to ensure a merry Christmas, he must get enough presents (mana) to give to every good little boy and girl. So with his magical helpers (defenders), he will build enough presents, using his handy-dandy tools (mana accel and card advantage), to stack all around everyone's Christmas tree (lands, basic or nonbasic). His helpful reindeer and magical defender-helper-elves will soon be able to stack enough gifts around the North Pole ( Grove of the Burnwillows )! Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Santa's coming to town!

A casual defender ramp deck that gets lotsa mana really fast. Ramp up early with Tinder Wall and end the game fast with the jolly man Santa himself!

Santa is checking his list!!


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