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Fleet Swallower + Fraying Sanity Insta-mill, as early as turn 5.

Dowsing Dagger + Slither Blade for 3 extra mana on turn 3.

This is an unlikely combo, as it requires 8 cards (i.e. 1 topdeck) and no interrupts (you'll have 1 mana up on turn 3, which can be useful for a Dive Down to get your Slither Blade through, otherwise tapped out). So in reality, you're going to need some help.

I've gone mono-blue cycling, although there are some legit strategies using this combo in UR, UB and UW as well; check out the comments below for some ideas.


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Results mixed. In one game I had land issues, game 1 not enough and game 2 too much. I've decided that the former is preferable, so I'm sticking to 22 lands.

I've tried switching out cards. So far: Spell Pierce: solid counter card, possibly better than Censor even without Cycling. I swapped this with Dive Down. I'm now less inclined towards the latter, but think I still need it to protect the fish. Opt: worked well, although I made the mistake of swapping out Compelling Argument which I realised too late was my other win-con.


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