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Hi guys,

New player here just looking for some advice for a budget Orzhov extort/life gain+drain deck. Dutiful Thrull and High Priest of Penance are there as walls to sit behind whilst extorting and buying time for Sanguine Bond + Debt to the Deathless to come out. Vizkopa Guildmage is there to increase the effects of any extort/lifegain we get. Thrull Parasite and Tithe Drinker are just cheap sources for extort/lifegain. Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, Orzhov Charm and Stab Wound for removal. Debt to the Deathless and Sanguine Bond is a win condition if extorting alone doesn't get us there.

That's the deck so far. I was hoping to see if there were any glaring deficiencies or improvements that could be made to it before I purchased the cards. Not concerned with the sideboard for now. Thanks!


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