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Sandstorm: A New Tier 1 Possibility

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Sandstorm Primer

Sandstorm is a new deck idea of mine that I have put a lot of time and work into. I think i'm finally ready to introduce my child to the world. If you enjoy the deck and want others to know about, don't forget to drop an upvote so this deck can climb the Tappedout rankings.

Martyr of Sands , a card printed in 2006 in the set Coldsnap, has seen major play in the Modern format in a deck named "Martyr Proc." That version of the deck played Martyr of Sands with Proclamation of Rebirth to create a lock each turn in which a bunch of life is gained.

I figured, we can incorporate this card into a Pauper deck. Turns out, someone beat me to it, but not in the way that I imagined. Someone invented a version of Modern's Martyr Proc in Pauper by using Grim Harvest to return Martyr of Sands to your hand every turn and gain lots of life.

I started to think of ways that I can build another Martyr of Sands deck in Pauper, but not using the Grim Harvest route. Later that week, I cracked open some RIX packs and found Legion Conquistador , which reminded me of Squadron Hawk . Both of these cards can fill your hand with a lot of white creatures. So my deck had 1 of the necessary deck functions, which was having white cards in hand to fuel Martyr of Sands.

The second part part stumbled upon me one day when I was searching the internet for cool Pauper deck ideas. I then noticed a cool deck called Zubera Storm, which used cards like Undying Evil , Exhume , and Unearth to return Floating-Dream Zubera back to the battlefield a bunch of times and then draw a bunch of cards.

Undying Evil, Exhume, and Unearth were the last pieces of the deck necessary to making Sandstorm work. I now had the basic outer shell of an awesome looking deck.

I began to think about a win-con for the deck. While gaining a bunch of life was really nice, it wasn't going to help me win the game. I was looking for a card in which I could use my life to make it increasingly powerful. Immolating Souleater was an obvious solution, so I put a playset of those in and one Trespassing Souleater for another life sac outlet to slip damage through.

I then became aware that Children of Korlis , a seemingly innocent card, could easily be broken. Turns out Immolating Souleater paired really well with Children of Korlis because I could spend the life on the souleater and then get it back with Children of Korlis.

Martyr of Sands + Undying Evil / Supernatural Stamina / Exhume

The main combo in Sandstorm. We can recur Martyr over and over and over again until we get a bunch of life using the other three cards listed.

Children of Korlis + Immolating Souleater

While gaining a bunch of life is awesome and really annoying for your opponent, it can’t win you the game. What can win you the game is a massive Immolating Souleater . Spending life to pump the souleater is great for us because it can be gained back by sacrificing the Children of Korlis . You can even use our recursion spells to bring the little kids back and gain more life. TIP: If you do recur the Children of Korlis , make sure to pump all your life into the Immolating Souleater again until sacrifice the kiddos again. You will get about 40 more life by doing this.



60% Casual

40% Competitive