Mono white isn't as terrible in EDH as everyone likes to pretend it is. You won't find easy card draw in mono white for sure, but games are won with card advantage, not just card draw. Cards like Land Tax and Weathered Wayfarer will get you the lands you need in your hand. Flickering and recurring creatures like Ranger of Eos, Recruiter of the Guard, or Wall of Omens will get you cards in your hand. Perhaps the most powerful form of card advantage in mono white is the ability to manufacture a one sided board wipe. White also has many powerful stax effects. I believe it is important to keep these effects as asymmetrical as possible. For instance, Rest in Peace is perhaps the most effective piece of graveyard hate for mono white EDH, but it limits your own ability to take advantage of white's fantastic recursion. Avoid nonbos where possible. Don't hate yourself out. I will concede that mono white may not be as fast or explosive as other colors, but if you can enjoy playing control and grindy games, it can be fun. If you embrace what white is good at, it is possible to build a good white deck. I don't believe WOTC needs to "save" mono white by giving it mediocre card draw. Salvation will not be granted by WOTC, it must be earned, at the edge of a sword, if necessary.


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