Your run-of-the-(Turbo)Mill deck.

The static mill mechanic in the deck is composed of three main cards. While on the board, they absolutley shred the opponent's library. They also guarantee progress even if you find yourself on defense; saving you mana for Remand and/or Darkness.

Hedron Crab-Best first play of the game. Mills 3 though Landfall Triggers twice with Polluted Delta, or (in a pinch) you can Ghost Quarter one of your own lands. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, is included for when you don't have a land to play.

Mesmeric Orb- Makes your opponent think twice about swinging with everything, using abilities that cause tapping, or using all their mana. It also gives them a distraction to concentrate their mana on, before it noms too much library. While this also affects you, the average cmc of your spells is <2.

Archive Trap- Mills 13 cards instantly. I place this in the "passive" mill section because fetches are common in Modern. Alternatively, there's Field of Ruin to trigger.

Pretty self-explanatory. All of these work well with Snapcaster Mage as a potential end-game play.

Glimpse the Unthinkable- Duh.

Breaking- Also duh.

Mind Funeral- Only ever been disappointed in the results of this card once. Normally I average ~13 cards. I see many decks with four of these, but these are a heavier cost for a tempo-control deck, so it only makes sense to save the real estate in the deck and hand, for a mid/late-game play.

Mill is- sadly- a Burn style deck, where all of the spells cost twice as much, and do nearly 2/3 the effective "damage". Mill fails, because mill needs a partner- Time.

Realistically, there's more than enough mill power in the deck to get the job done in a timely manner. Realizing this, it leaves room for another mechanic.

With a few Instant speed spells, coupled with Snapcaster Mages, a solid defense can be mustered to buy the time needed to devour the mind of your opponent.

Darkness- Sometimes you only need one more turn. So, I gave myself 3-5.

Remand- Spells are annoying. So, make them hard to cast. Even if they can cast the spell again, they may think twice with Mesmeric Orb in play. Then draw a potentially game-winning card.

Surgical Extraction- Eldrazi spoiling your mill? Getting countered? Burned? Mill it, or take it once, then rip the rest out.

Crypt Incursion- 90% of decks use a creature base for something. Use it for refilling your life. Great against reanimator and zoo. Most decks have a hard time bouncing back from this.

The sideboard is only designed to give you more tempo/control over the boardstate, and does nothing to speed up the main mill mechanic. I went Esper, as It opens a wide range of SB options that can defend against problematic enchantments, attacking creatures, and burn damage.

Godless Shrine/Hallowed Fountain- Work with Polluted Delta to find W mana when needed. Only need two of these lands, as Leyline of Sanctity is the only cost in the deck.

3x Fragmentize- Defense against anti-mill enchantments and artifacts like Leyline of Sanctity, Wheel of Sun and Moon, Elixir of Immortality.

3x Ensnaring Bridge- To keep nasties like 'Drazi and Goyfs, and prowess creatures like Monastery Swiftspear and Kiln Fiend from eating your face.

Path to Exile- Exile a nasty and set yourself up for an Archive Trap.

2x Leyline of Sanctity- Blocks burn and decks that throw surprises like Lightning Bolt or dredge running Conflagrate.

2x Leyline of the Void- Dredge and many Eldrazi screw with the graveyard and can make this deck dead in the water. Simply take out the problems by taking out the graveyard. Since this renders Surgical Extraction and Crypt Incursion useless, replace them for these when sideboarding.

The Leylines also get around Abrupt Decay something the previous SB card, Rest in Peace couldn't handle.

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