So I'm using Sakashima as an ETB multiplier. What this means is when I play an ETB creature say Archaeomancer I can play Sakashima to copy the ETB effect. Sakashima is good at this because he can bounce himself back to the owners hand and repeat the ETB effect. With this deck I included ETB creatures whose effects return, copy, or tutor instants/sorceries since I will be relying on those a lot. There's a few outliers(gilded drake, solemn simulacrum) but they are cheap in mana cost and have good ETB effects. For the win condition I'm using laboratory maniac. Previously I've used big creatures to win games but the problem I ran into was the frequent spot kills in my play group. In this version I'm winning via a combo. I'll have a better write up after play testing this in my group a couple more times.

Notable Exclusions

Sunken Hope - This card puts creatures back into my hand and it puts creatures back into my opponents hand. This card is risky because it gives the enemy the possibility to replay their ETB effects.

Conjurers Closet - This card is good, it flickers your creature so you don't have to recast. The problem I see with it is it's expensive at 5 mana, it triggers at the end of turn, and you can't protect a creature from removal with it unlike a bounce spell.

Deadeye Navigator - This is another good card but it costs 6 mana. The trend here is I feel cheap bounce spells are better because I can use them on any permanent at instant speed defensively, offensively and tactically. Since my deck has lots of instant/sorcery recursion I don't see the need for an expensive deadeye.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir - This would be good to stop my combo from being countered, I don't know what to remove/replace in my deck.

Venser as commander - Venser is cool but I think Sakashima is better for ETB because of his re-usability and versatility. For Venser I would have to rely on a spell to get him back to my hand, which may not always be available. I could try Venser but for now I'm using Sakashima.

Naban as commander - I placed Naban as one of the 99 because he doesn't have any immediate impact when he comes onto the board and his only ability is to trigger extra wizard etb(which is good but he's not versatile).

Infinite Combos

Infinite colorless mana

  1. tidespout tyrant + sol ring + mana vault

Infinite turns

  1. archaeomancer/salvager of secrets + temporal manipulation + anything that bounces the two creatures

Infinite blue mana

  1. palinchron + phantasmal image

  2. palinchron + high tide

  3. Naru Meha + ghostly flicker + land

Infinite Bounce

  1. vedalken mastermind + isochron scepter with dramatic reversal + venser + mana rocks


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