"In the end, death claims us all ..."

  • Sylvanas Windrunner, World of Warcraft: Legion

But Elenda, the Dusk Rose will live on. Elenda is an interesting commander for her second ability to work player has to do something he would never do normally in a commander match: put his commander in to the graveyard and not instead to the command zone. This deck is all about casting Elenda once from the command zone and after that only playing her from the graveyard.

Main idea is to kill opponents creatures or your own for effects or counters on Elenda. Then you can either attack with her or sac her and attack with the many +1/+1 lifelink vampires. Win either with vampiric fury or with the dirty combos.

Win cons:

Neat tricks:


Suggestions for better cards and comments on the deck are welcome!


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