Hello all! Here is my take on a mono-blue artifact deck. This deck generates value by creating thopters and drawing cards from them via Sai, Kindred Discovery, Skullclamp, and Bident of Thasia. The main win condition is to use Polymorph effects to turn a Thopter or Sai into Tidespout Tyrant and net positive colored mana and Thopters by repeatedly casting rocks. You then use Sais ability to win by drawing into Blue Sun’s Zenith and decking all opponents. Another non-Sai main wincon involves using Iso Scepter and Dramatic Reversal with Codex Shredder or Top/another draw source to win. Finally, Copy Artifact and Swan Song/Reality Shift can make for an alternate wincon using Scepter.


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Shift to utilize the better concept to run a near creatureless setup and utilize Tidespout Tyrant as the main combo piece, brewed by M4G1

Link: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/sai-master-polymorphist-primer/



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