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This was one of my first decks that I ever constructed by myself, so there's still plenty of work to be done on it. The general idea is to get the Impact Tremors out as soon as possible, followed by the Mogg War Marshal and the Blood Artist. They're the cheapest in the deck, and the War Marshal at least gets a few tokens on the field that can be used as fodder. Skirsdag High Priest is another low CMC creature in the deck, but there's only two, since they're not that great at making tokens. Their morbid trigger shouldn't be too hard to have go off at least once a turn when you're starting to get tokens out, so the demons they generate at least provide some protection against fliers. The Emrakul's Hatcher and the Siege-Gang Commander are the best token makers in the deck, so they're supposed to be flickered using the Conjurer's Closet to set off the Impact Tremors triggers and bring some serious pain, as well as making more tokens. Emrakul's Hatcher is particularly nice because of the included ramp from the Eldrazi Spawn it gives you on entering the battlefield. Dictate of Erebos is in the deck to help control the opponents' fields, since a goal of the deck is to bring in and kill as many token creatures as possible. Sheoldred, Whispering One is in the deck as another means of controlling the board, as well as a means of recursion. There's only one in the deck because as nice as her ability is, if the rest of the board is set up, she's hardly even noticed. However, bringing back the Mogg War Marshal every turn, or any of the other token generators (since they're likely to be taken out quickly) will definitely hurt your opponents if there are an adequate number of Impact Tremors on the field, so that's why she's in the deck at all. The Sangromancer is for life gain, since your opponents will be having to sac creatures left and right, gaining upwards of 9, 12, or even up to 15 or 18 life a turn isn't unfeasible, depending on how large your play group is. The main problem with the deck is its speed. The deck isn't very fast, no matter how you look at it, and a lot of the cards are quite costly in mana. I'm looking for any and all suggestions regarding how I can make the deck more formidable.Thanks!


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