Yahenni voltron. Period. Using Yahenni as a FREE sacrifice filter.

This is a Yahenni Voltron deck, with just a taste of aristocrats. This was my first commander deck, and its come a long way from the beginning.

For starters, when playing this deck you always want to figure out how to get Yahenni out, and to KEEP him out. Most people don't know or care too much about my commander until he is a 10/10 unblockable. That's the catch of it all: surprise them!

In bigger multiplayer games, this commander is so fun to play since things die all the time. However, since this is mono-black, you will have a hard time dealing with white and blue players specifically. White for the exile, and blue for the bouncing/gaining control of Yahenni. To combat this, try using the hexproof/shroud techniques. For enchantment and artifact removal, black is pretty awful at this, so Nev's Disk and Steel Hellkite are your best bets. As for ramp, this deck is full of it.

Where this deck shines, however, is against creatures (which are usually in every deck). Black doing what it does best: destroying creatures you don't like, and making everyone sacrifice.If there's one thing to be confident about, it's the creature removal lol.

All in all, it's a fun deck to play. I enjoy it a lot, and once you get the certain combos (which you can tutor for), Yahenni gets stupid big and loves to stomp all over your opponent. (Or just to look frightening, depending on who you're playing against).

Take a look at the decklist and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!


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