First, this deck was a modification of a originally G/B deck I saw here. I, however, lost the deck link, so I can't credit the creator. If you were the guy who came up with this deck idea, please, contact me so I can credit you.

I accept any kind of tips you may give me (cards recommendation, etc).

Since I made some modifications in this deck, I decided to write a new description. Deck startegy is basically the same, though.

The deck idea is to sacrifice your own creatures to enjoy their bonuses and at the same time force the enemy to kill/sacrifice his own creatures in the process. Carrion Feeder and Mortician Beetle work very nicely together because when I sacrifice for Feeder, Beetle also gets the +1/+1 counter. 4 Feeder's could work nicely but I'm afraid of the fact that it can't block (I'm still testing the deck) so I leave Bloodthrone Vampire as an answer to blocking and sacrificing, making Vampire huge so it can resist the block.

The main creatures you will use to sacrifice are Black Cat, Blind Zealot, Perilous Myr and Mortis Dogs.

Black Cat will force a random discard when it enters, allowing you to take out some cards like Journey to Nowhere (which can easily take out Mortician Beetle for the rest of the game, since the deck can't deal with enchantments) or anything else that could hurt you. Is specially good against control, but can helps in any kind of match.

Blind Zealot may be changed for something else in the future, but for the time I will leave it. It can hit for some good damage, since intimidate can make it harder to block, plus the ability to sacrifice itself (you always want to sacrifice your creatures during the game) to take out some hard to deal creature of the enemy field. Perilous Myr Is basically the same, with the addition of being able to hit for the player life.

Mortis Dogs is my favorite creature, because it will hit hard, it will die fast and then hit hard again. Basically it's all you want in this deck. It can get +power with Sylvok Lifestaff and Soulshriek to easily kill the enemy and end the game. Running three of them could be better than two, but the deck has a low curve and low mana count, which makes it harder to hold too many big guys (4 mana is already big for this deck).

But, sometime game will carry on more than you wish for, and that's when you play Prowling Pangolin. If the enemy sacrifice two of his creatures he will give you an opening, and if he does not, then well, you will be hitting for 6, maybe more.

Altar's Reap is there to help you sacrifice things like Mortis Dogs, Perilous Myr and others, while also giving you some good draw. Three could be a better number to run on this deck (sometimes your game gets pretty slow and just two may not be enough), but I'm still testing.

Geth's Verdict is awesome, it has huge impact in the game. The deck needs all four of it.

Soulshriek it's a surprise card. No one plays with it, can have huge impact in the game giving you a sacrifice plus the hug power bonus for that one time hit.

Undying Evil works like Unearth, giving you the chance to work again with your fellow creatures. The cycling can always be helpful in a slow game.

Bone Splinters is another destroy to take out those hard to deal creatures. The B cost is perfect for the low curve of this deck and the sacrifice will actually hurt more the enemy than you.

Sunscorched Earth will give you some damage advantage. The deck has it's momentum, after some time he will slow down and be unable to keep up with the game. Each damage can help you making the game shorter.

Barren Moor it's here so you can do something with that useless land you draw. The deck needs only some few lands in play and buying a land when you don't need one can cost a lot. The cycle gives you another chance.

Mortuary Mire has a poor synergy with Soulshriek, but the fact that you can recover a creature is really helpful. Just 2 is enough to avoid the Mire + Shriek conflict.

Sylvok Lifestaff you help you dealing more damage and staying alive. The deck can slow down sometimes, and the extra life you get can give you the time to recover.

The Sideboards are basically ways to deal with control or more slow paced decks (Chittering Rats makes the enemy skip his draw, giving you such a huge tempo, and Duress can help you remove those hard to deal cards, such as Journey to Nowhere). All the other cards are there so you can deal better with decks with more aggro inclination or basically decks that will put more creatures on the field that you are able to deal with.


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Almost a make over. Deck idea and soul are the same, just made some adjustments.

I am still making some tests.


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