First, this deck was a modification of a originally G/B deck I saw here. I, however, lost the deck link, so I can't credit the creator. If you were the guy who came up with this deck idea, please, contact me so I can credit you.

I accept any kind of tips you may give me (cards recommendation, etc).

Deck is pretty straight forward. I tried to use some different combinations of cards since I think is funnier to play with several card combinations (even though is somewhat worse competitive wise). Deck is simple to play, simply sacrifice everything you have and never let you opponent have any creatures on the table. While you kill your own kin you get plenty of bonuses, as life points or direct damage to the enemy.

Since the deck is pretty fast, I found 18 lands to do the work, even though is somewhat dangerous. Altar's Reap and Gravepurge help you by get your game going. The first allows you to sacrifice (you always want to sacrifice your creatures to get their bonuses, if you can't kill your own creatures your game will not work) and provides tempo, with the second one allowing you to recover the creatures you need to use again or just drawing.

Most of your damage comes from the 1/1 or 2/2 hitting fast with no blockers (any blockers you enemy may have will be dead because of things like Bone Splinters or Tragic Slip), with Soulshriek allowing for a late game finish, if necessary. Bloodthrone Vampire and Mortis Dogs are my favorite creatures in the deck because the first allows non stopping sacrifice (and damage!) and the second multiple combos (Mortis Dogs + Soulshriek can easily end a game).

The simple discards are a support, trying to take out the cards that could cause you trouble. Black Cat forces a random discard, giving you the chance of making the enemy throwing away something that could hurt you and Duress gives you the chance to take out a non creature cards that could cause trouble.

Always have a creature equipped with Sylvok Lifestaff, because getting a life advantage is necessary sometimes seeing that you will hardly have more than 2 creatures in the table and the game may turn on you. The extra life will provide the necessary time for you to recover.


Removed a lot of cards to insert others, such as Ravenous Rats for Duress or Mindstab Thrull for more destroy creature cards. My only fear is that I may end with a low number of creatures, since they are always being sacrificed, but I will test it out to see how it goes.


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