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Sac-agwea's Ugly Brothers (haalp!)

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It's time to sac-agawea (most of) yo permanents!

This isn't a ground breaking build of Shattergang Brothers, but hey, its still fun! I also happen to have all the Jund dual-lands, and the Bros seemed to be the best fit for my play style in those colors.

Card typically ran in Shattergang decks that I am not running:

Necropotence: I wanted to give Dark Prophecy a shot, plus necropotence shuts off Sylvan Library.

Grave Pact: this deck is already pretty mana intensive, and having another card with 3 black mana symbols didnt seem ideal. I am only runing Dictate of Erebos for the extra sac triggers. This might come in after i play the deck more, i might need the extra triggers for my opponents to help control the game.

Nether Traitor: Im trying Squee, Goblin Nabob in its place. It cost 1 more, but it doesnt have 2 sybmols. I also have a soft spot for Squee, I think he needs more love. Also trying out Bloodsoaked Champion for a recurring creature. So far, he seems to be a good fit.

Cultivate/Kodama's Reach: I dont run a lot of basics, and most of my ramp comes from artifacts. In fact, the only spell based ramp I run is Nature's Lore because its cheap and besides basic forests, I can grab 4 non-basic forests out of my deck. I love that card.

Not a huge fan of Goblin Assault since it makes my commander attack each turn, looking for a good replacement, preferably something that makes tokens for free, possibly another planeswalker?

Furthermore, my three slot is gigantic and it might need a haircut. Obelisk of Jund could come out for a cheaper, more sac-agawe-able option, like sphear of the suns, or sticking with a cmc rock, commander's sphear.

Anyway, let's hear some suggestions! There are a lot of good Shattergang decks out there, what are some things I'm missing?


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