This is my latest concoction :). No net decking for me. Rogue all the way! Its Blue White Arcane Melee slash Blue White Miracles slash Blue White Draw-Go..... let's just call it Blue White (Azorius) Control for simplicity. The deck's function is simple: hold off your opponent til they run out of juice then blow them away with your righteous fury! But a more in depth look at my deck you see that it can get a bit nasty, especialy late game. In my deck is a loop that can major headache: Arcane Melee + Runic Repitition + Mystic Retreival. How it works. Wth Arcane Melee on the field. Play Mystic Retrieval for 1U to get a card out of my graveyard, let's say Banishing Stroke (or Runic Repition if it's in your graveyard). Flashback Mystic Retrieval for R get back another card, let's say Dissipate. Play Runic Repition for U to get back Mystic Retrieval from exile. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. You can buyback all your instants and sorceries for 1UUR. With counter magic or removal your opponent will be locked down. Chances are your opponent will concede long before you draw your Drogskol Reaver to finish them off.(P.S. this loop isn't mine. I read it somewhere and I dont know the author. I don't take credit for this) Outside of Arcane Melee Loops the deck functions perfectly as Draw-Go. 21 instants mainboard. Lots of end-of-turn shenanigins. And with a full playset of Thought Scours and Think Twices and two Desolate Lighthouses to set up my miracles this deck is really fun to play.


I had to change the name of my deck now that I'm playing red spells and is no longer an azorius deck. Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

After making so many changes to my original design I realized that my deck was taking a life on its own. So I took my knowledge that I've gained from testing and reforged my deck into something to be feared while sticking to it's roots.

The first cards to add:3x Arcane Melee2x Mystic Retrieval2x Runic RepititionThe loop is the back bone of my deck. Without it my deck wouldn't be Eternal Detainment.

The next cards to add were:4x Sphinx's Revelation4x Think TwiceMy deck needs draw power... period. I want my win as fast as possible. During testing my games lasted far too long. Mostly going to draws 1:1. So I decided on 4 Sphinx's Revelations instead of 2. They are that good. And with Arcane Melee their power increases. And Think Twice is good for smoothing out my draws in the early game, setting up my miracles, digging for land, etc. And with Runic Repetition I can use it twice(four time technically)

The next cards to add were:4x Supreme Verdict4x TerminusI was originally was going to use 3 of each main and side 1 of each, but I decided to go all out and play 4 of each main. My deck doesn't play creatures so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Board control is absolutely crucial.

The next card to add:4x SyncopateAt first i was going to use 3 dissipates and 3 syncopates. I eventually cut the dissipates settled on 4 syncopates. It gets super charged with Arcane Melee and can be tutored.

The cards were:2x Feeling of Dread2x Detention SphereFeeling in most cases is a fog that I can play twice (sometimes 4 times) and detention sphere is all purpose removal spell. I didn't play detention sphere in my original design because of Planar Cleansing but since that is out I'm free to D-Sphere as I please.

The next card is:2x Devil's PlayA deck is useless without a way to win. This slot was between Increasing Confusion and Devil's Play. Entreat the angels just could't make the cut. It gives them a turn to do something, D-Sphere, sever the bloodline, terminus, etc. With IC or DP I can win immediately and because they have flashback Slaughter Games is useless via Runic Repetition. I decided DP over IC because I can kill things with it, planeswalkers and creatures. Versatility is key.

And the last card:1x Firemind's ForesightThis card is pretty fun. Its a 1 for 3. I'm going to search for a Sphinx's Revelation, Syncopate, and a Think Twice or Feeling of Dread. And I can search for some of my sideboard cards if need be.

I feel really good about this deck. And I hope to win tourny's with it. Happy brewing folks!!! :)

A new card has been revealed, tablet of the guilds. I saw it and immediately fell in love with it. It might as well say "whenever I play a spell, I gain 1 life". And at 2 mana I can play it early when it matters. So much better than pristine talisman. I'm loving return to ravnica more and more each day. Happy brewing folks!!!

So return to ravnica is around the corner and I'm digging the new releases. Praise Azorius!!! Supreme verdict is just what my deck needs, a sweep spell that I can use on turn 4. Too many times I'm aggroed out before I can stabilize, getting stuck on 5 mana.... -_-. But those days are gone (hopefully). The next card return to ravnica has to offer is sphinx's revelation. Nothing I like more than drawing a lot of cards and gaining life. This card its very useful to making my deck run more consistently, letting me draw the answers I need. I'm very excited for return to ravnica and I can't wait to see what else it brings to the table. Happy brewing!

I replaced midnight haunting with entreat the angels. It fits my deck so well and gives it added power. I also changed the name of my deck to "Eternal Detainment". The new Azorius guild mechanic is detain and that's pretty much what my deck does. And since I can replay all my spells as many times I want the word eternal fits nicely. If anyone can think of a better name lemme know. Happy brewing!

last fnm my deck performed... awkwardly for lack of a better word. First match was against a zombie deck player. First match went long. Very... very... long. Lock was established but the game went so long that it ended in a draw. He kept killing my reaver forcing me to draw it again with archangels light. Ending the game with 120 life but i didn't win. Need a better win condition.

Next match was against another zombie deck player. First match was kinda the same. Lock was established but it still took a long time to win. But I did win however. I switched my reaver with lone revenant to block spot removal. Second game I lost. He aggro's out i lose by the fifth turn losing to a full powered brimstone volley to the face. Third game went long. A lot of back and forth. Anyones game. The game ended in a draw for time.

Third match was against a mono green infect deck. Both games lost by forth turn. Infect was too fast for me. So glad its leaving standard.

This fnm was a good learning experience for me. My deck i good but it needs a faster more resilient win condition. So I'm switching out drogskol reaver and archangels's light with 2 midnight hauntings.

Third set against my delver playing buddy. We played a best out of 5 set.

First game he beat me. Two very well timed dissipates took two feeling of dreads from me. I couldn't hold him off.

Second game he beat me. I was able to hold off he assault for a little while but there wasnt much i could do stuck on 4 lands. He beat me with 2 planar cleansings in my hand and a terminus.

Third game I won. It was pretty stressful but i maintained board control. I took a while for my deck to go off but it did. He conceded before i finished him. He knew I had him beat and he had to go to the bathroom.

Forth game I won. I'm pretty proud of this win. It was a hard fought battle. Board Control was hard to maintain. First few turns was him pinging me for one with his unflipped delver. I soon wiped the board with planar cleaning. He played some more creatures and I retrieved my planar cleansing from my graveyard. He oblivion ringed his blade splicer making me second guess using it. Luckily I drew Terminus and was able to avoid that. I continued to maintain board control til my deck could go off. Eventually died to ten 1/1 sprits to the face.

Fifth game went to him. He had the perfect hand to beat mine. He mana leaked my miracle terminus and there wasn't much i could do about it.

Final score 3 to 2 his favor.

So played against my buddy who plays UW delver with blade splicers, hero of bladeholds, geists and angels. Good God!!! I hate delver -_-. Anyway i beat him 2 to 0. First round I beat him by trapping him in my arcane mystic repition loop. I wouldn't let him play anything. Second game didn't go so smoothly. He got me down to one life. i managed to get my drogskol reaver in the nick of time. life link really saved my ass. Both games he conceited before I actually killed him.

I played my buddy again against his delver deck. I beat him 2 to 1. First game went very smoothly for me. I hit all my land drops early turns of the game. He got mana screwed horribly. Me thought scouring him doesn't help him either. I beat him easily. I had more than enough time to trap him in my loop. Second game not so great for me. some early creatures to get in some fast damage, hero's, delvers, geists. And he had some mana leaks at the ready for my answers. He beat me by the fifth turn. Third game was a war. A lot of back and forth. he was getting his creatures out, i was locking them down. I wouldnt let him get a firm hold of the board. I got my loop some what early in the game (turn 8 or 9). The look on his face was priceless. He tried to answer My drogskol reaver with vensor he got dissipated then he tried to doom blade my reaver which also got dissipated, then he conceited.

I played my other magic buddy. He played black red vampires. First turn stromkirk noble, second turn curse of stalked prey.... what a nightmare --. two feeling of dreads in my opening hand i was able to keep his vampires locked down long enough for me to sweep and take control. Won the first round easily enough. Second round not so great. First turn stromkirk, second turn curse again. this time i was't able to fend off his attack. He swung for 13 on his fifth turn. Third game not a great start for my friend. no first turn stromkirk. i had a feeling of dread to fend of his third turn stromkirk and fourth turn. I eventually took control of the board. For what seemed like an eternity i dug for my drogskol reaver. i didnt have enough dissipates to stop him from making my reaver a 0/1 with 3 grim afflictions, forcing me to dig for my second. by the time i got my second one i didnt have enough library to kill him before i milled myself. How anticlimatic... -- It was still fun though. I love this game. So he beat me 2 to 1.


morbidfire says... #1

too much spells but consistent finisher....hmm...try avacyn, angel of hope..

September 20, 2012 6:09 p.m.

morbidfire says... #2

*but without

September 20, 2012 6:09 p.m.

jfriday09 says... #3

What is the purpose of Thought Scour in here? I would try to stay away from putting cads in their graveyard unless you're doing it fast with all the flashback and stuff.

September 20, 2012 6:37 p.m.

I considered playing Avacyn but playing creatures in this deck usually back fires. I was playing Drogskol Reaver. But because of the way my deck works by the time I Drew him he would die immediately if I didn't have hand full of dissipates. So I switched to spell that made creatures rather than playing a creature spell. I can retrieve entreat the angels whenever I please and it works well with arcane melee. It gives me a free angel, two if its miracled.

September 21, 2012 5:06 p.m.

Thought Scour does a lot in my deck. Its a cheap way to set up my miracles. I've miracle terminus many times on my opponents turn. Its a cheap instant speed cantrip. Early turns I need answers. Maybe a land, a terminus, feeling of dread, whatever. That one card can make a difference. The third reason is because its work well with Vanishment . Nothing better than bouncing a problem card then making your opponent mill it. Sometimes I'll even thought scour myself. My graveyard is pretty much apart of my hand.

September 21, 2012 5:18 p.m.

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