This is my latest concoction :). No net decking for me. Rogue all the way! Its Blue White Arcane Melee slash Blue White Miracles slash Blue White Draw-Go..... let's just call it Blue White (Azorius) Control for simplicity. The deck's function is simple: hold off your opponent til they run out of juice then blow them away with your righteous fury! But a more in depth look at my deck you see that it can get a bit nasty, especialy late game. In my deck is a loop that can major headache: Arcane Melee + Runic Repitition + Mystic Retreival. How it works. Wth Arcane Melee on the field. Play Mystic Retrieval for 1U to get a card out of my graveyard, let's say Banishing Stroke (or Runic Repition if it's in your graveyard). Flashback Mystic Retrieval for R get back another card, let's say Dissipate. Play Runic Repition for U to get back Mystic Retrieval from exile. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. You can buyback all your instants and sorceries for 1UUR. With counter magic or removal your opponent will be locked down. Chances are your opponent will concede long before you draw your Drogskol Reaver to finish them off.(P.S. this loop isn't mine. I read it somewhere and I dont know the author. I don't take credit for this) Outside of Arcane Melee Loops the deck functions perfectly as Draw-Go. 21 instants mainboard. Lots of end-of-turn shenanigins. And with a full playset of Thought Scours and Think Twices and two Desolate Lighthouses to set up my miracles this deck is really fun to play.



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