This is a specialized 60 card deck using a Conspiracy in the Command Zone. Constructs are made, defenders are sac'd, defenders attack, and damage dealt as the crow flies. Why not?

Accorder's Shield is used for evening out Wall of Torches and the vigilance is a plus. Big butts slapped on other creatures if need be. Sledge used to make Angelic Wall into a Wall of Swords. Possibly picked up by Haunted Guardian. Who knows?

From the sideboard are Scarecrows to strike fear in the heart of Storm Crow. That darn bird! What gives?

Also, this is a Boros defender deck after all. Go figure.

Hell, I might even go constructed playable in Legacy or Vintage if I ever get the cards I need to take this some off and out of Budget. Where to?

Petty, enjoyable as is, though getting a Construct token for free is lapse of things to come. Each and every game for the most part. I certainly find something to do with 'em. When sown?

Please Upvote it. Will ya?


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