this is a budget servo deck im trying to improve, the main goal is to buff my servos and my thopters in the early to mid game and make a huge push by going wide with Ethereal Guidance . I know 90% of the aggro artifact decks are based on the one-drop artificers, but this isn't my goal, i simply put Toolcraft Exemplar because it's all around an amazing card, if you have any recommandations please let me know.

i included some alternatives to Welding Sparks as a removal card. i also thought about removing the Salivating Gremlins for the Inventor's Apprentice but the trample effect with the Servo Exhibition or the Cogworker's Puzzleknot seems to do me good to weaken the opponent before the final push. I also previously had Reckless Fireweaver, i took it out because it was a little bit too passive.


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