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RW allies 3rd turn win for 100$!

Modern Aggro Allies Budget Counters RW (Boros) Tribal



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1) cast Hada Freeblade 1/2

2) cast Akoum Battlesinger

attack with Hada Freeblade 3/3 and Akoum Battlesinger 2/1 = 5 damage

3) cast Expedition Envoy and Reckless Bushwhacker

attack with Hada Freeblade 7/5, Akoum Battlesinger 4/1, Expedition Envoy 5/1 and Reckless Bushwhacker 3/1 = 19 damage

total 5+19=24 damage at 3rd turn! (of course if everything goes well)


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I updated the deck list with the upcoming Oath of the Gatewatch cards. I am looking forward for your next suggestions!

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