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Welcome to the Angry two headed titan's Arena in classic Gruul style

An aggressive Gruul deck with Ruric Thar as commander, Eldrazi feature too and other to help win with a smack, basic line play big win big the Gruul way.
Ways to cheat in creatures with quicksilver amulet and lurking predators as of few. Some search with Fierce Empath.

Sandwurm Convergence to stop airial attacks against us and get big wurms each turn.

Xenagos for combat trigger.

Sword of feast and famine/Savage Wentmaw + Aggravated Assault for unlimited combats

Play Primal Surge to get whole Deck into play.

Sac outlet's to get those big Guys get the Grave back in deck to not kill us self's with primal surge.

Grafted exoskeleton to kill with poison by combat or passive

Void Winnover to shut down even spells and combat blocks

Craterhoof to end it with 1 swing

Zendikar resurgent for extra mana.

Skullclamp for draw and sac outlet.

Couple of mana rocks and chromatic lantern for mana color fix.

Urza lands for more mana.

Thank u for the visit, Don't forget to like or write a comment if u have a thought.

And also remember, Have a nice Game!


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Switched out all sorcery's and instants except primal surge for permanents cards


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