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Ruric Thar 15.50 Budget EDH

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Dreno33 says... #1

hey brenden, i think you need more ramp creatures in here ( like cheap $ elves ) and such b/c of you high CMC.

here's a few noncreature cards worth considering in my opinion:

  • Nature's Lore is less than 50 cents so I think that is worth it as well.

  • one i think is a must is AEther Rift - it will drop your opponent down 5 life every turn starting as early as T3 upkeep. plus it costs $ very little for budget.

  • for an all creature deck, Bedlam is very $ cheap and works amazingly since you always have the upper hand in creature #s.

  • Cream of the Crop is amazing to set up your next draw every spell. it is i think around 50 cents though.

  • Druids' Repository - a cheap noncreature mana ramp for a huge creature-based deck.

  • Guild Feud is a great idea for your deck. you will many of the times get a creature for free. they may sometimes too, but you have big beaters to kill theirs if they both come into play. great combo with Cream of the Crop .

  • Primitive Etchings - draw 2 a turn more than half the time on avg. and Rowen for the lands.

  • Rites of Flourishing - with 45 lands, its benefits u more often then the opponent..

just my 2 cents

July 20, 2013 4:34 a.m.

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