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Basically a different take on Delver that I made for getting back into magic, using only cards from Innistrad and 2013 since the rest are being rotated out in a couple months I don't want to spend money on them. I would put 2 swords in for the 2 runechanter's for 2 months if I can pick 2 of them up Friday in trade.

Sands and Jace are there for the consistent mill, undead alchemist is kind of for that through the zombie tokens but they are mostly for defense. Dissipate is there to add a bit of control.

Also thinking of adding 2x Talrand, the Sky Summoner instead of alchemists for defense. Also not sure what to put in sideboard, though thinking needs some form of creature control for heavy aggro decks there.


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Put in 2 swords as I picked them up from a friend recently for a couple snapcasters


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