Based of Old Blistercoil Weird builds I've noticed Runaway Steam-Kin could also fit in decks like these only it'll have to be mono red.

Since the original Blistercoils, red has received quite a slew of new red cantrips my favourite being Fists of Flame .

So the idea is to keep making mana and to keep drawing into cards that could draw more cards and getting mana from the Blistercoil Weird combo or from Runaway Steam-Kin then punch them with Fists of Flame or with a hefty Grapeshot .

Now yes I know this is quite janky but so is a Sram-O deck. So I'd love to tap into its full potential and perhaps I'm missing some key pieces.

I do know Manamorphose would go nicely in here but for now I wanna steer clear from any 2 cmc spells unless they help wrap things up.


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