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This list is mainly built for the MTGO constructed queues meta, which requires me to get things going quickly since I face a lot of fast aggro and a lot of MonoU and MonoB Devotion.The Burning tree Emissaries have proven vital to my build. The free devotion is critical in my experience when I need to expediently "Polly-K" a fast aggro list's bodies into the GY.

I have played easily over 1K games with various incarnations of MonoG Devo and have gone from an aggro deck with Aspect of the Hydra, to a very heavy ramp deck, to this build.... and with this 75, I always feel like I have an answer. I have issues with Mono Red devotion if they get a good draw (oh how I hate you, Satry Firedancer... you are KoS), but every other standard match-up feels winnable for me.I run Nylea as a one-of because of Deicide, and she feels great to me as a card to draw into once I'm "going off" turn 4-5 to draw more cards via EoB and give my whole board trample. I love the control match-up and spitting a handful of creatures back down after a Verdict, which is much easier with a BTE in hand.

If a game stretches out past turn 5, I have generally drawn most of my deck and have produced a board-state and hand that is quite hard to answer.



zenwhen says... #1

Thanks to feedback from "Sopor42" on Reddit's /r/magicdeckbuilding, I added 2x Rogue's Passage in place of 2x Forest . Adding evasion to this list has been a huge increase in win percentage for me against decks which also manage to build a massive board-state.

Running two copies has given me one to play when it is needed consistently during a day of MTGO constructed queue testing.

I have not found the inclusion of two more lands that do not tap for G to be an issue thus far.

July 9, 2014 8:24 p.m.

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