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Run, Fat Boy, Run!

Modern Four Color Ramp



The good old Wolf Run Ramp deck you all know and love, now in 4 colours!

With the reprinting of fetch lands, the viability of a 4 colour mana base suddenly increased sharply and so I've taken advantage and added black, just for fun. The addition of fetch lands also means I can utilise Lotus Cobra to full effect, making the deck far more consistent and often very explosive.

The Ramp

These are the core of the deck, allowing me to get stupid amounts of mana stupidly early. The best I've managed is both Primeval Titan and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite on the field by turn 3.

Utopia Sprawl is a mana dork that doesn't die to Bolt. Interacts nicely with Arbor Elf and Garruk Wildspeaker for lots of mana very quickly.

Arbor Elf is your standard dork, taps for pretty much any colour with all my shocks, and is very strong in conjunction with Utopia Sprawl.

Birds of Paradise is pretty standard.

Lotus Cobra interacts with fetch lands and Primeval Titan for explosive mana ramp in the early turns. 2 power and the fact that it doesn't need to tap make this more useful in combat that your usual dork.

Somberwald Sage is fun but frail. Dies to everything, so I've limited it to 2.

Garruk Wildspeaker can be landed as early as turn 2, and can Overrun the turn after being played, as well as ramping and securing board presence in the early turns. All in all a very powerful planeswalker.

The Fatties

This is all the fun stuff that stomps on everyone. 'Nuff said.

Primeval Titan is a staple in ramp, and for good reason. He ramps, he interacts very strongly with Lotus Cobra, he gets me my Kessig Wolf Run, and he's a 6/6 with trample. Also, unlike fetch lands, he actually thins your deck.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite has become a favourite of mine, but my friends don't like her so much for some reason. Maybe it's because she wipes my opponent's board the second she hits the field, and those that survive are eaten in combat by my mana dorks. I'd say it's probably that.

Rune-Scarred Demon is whatever you want it to be, with a 6/6 flyer to boot. If you're against aggro, it grabs your Elesh Norn. If you're against Control, maybe a Prime Time. If you need that one sideboard card to swing the game, he's your guy. Also gives me nice power in the air which I sorely lacked before.

Wurmcoil Engine is just plain strong. 6/6 with lifelink wins me games against aggro and midrange decks, and the fact that it's so bloody hard to get rid of makes it so much stronger. It will often kill two or three of my opponent's creatures, all while grabbing me life.

Inferno Titan is a nice one-of just in case I need some removal.


Now spanning all 4 of my colours.

Abrupt Decay is a nice addition that black brings to the table, killing most relevant permanents in the format.

Lightning Helix is more expensive that Bolt, but I've never really had mana issues in this deck. The extra 3 life can help to negate the life loss from all those fetches and shocks.


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