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Ruination Rioter's Landfill

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Because Ruination Rioter can't "die" unless you pass up sending him to the command zone, we are reliant on exile and return to hand effects to get a chance to reuse his ability. This list was originally designed to be a mid/late game combo deck that would durdle while filling the grave with lands. Then, probably between turns 6 and 8, it would start to play, sac, and replay the Rioter several times over two or three turns to kill the table. Having to exile or return the rioter to hand from the yard makes the deck much slower and less consistent, so it's probably not competitively viable in 4-person pods.

Rummaging effects are what I see as the most important part of the deck, letting you fill the yard and find gas for little to no mana, allowing you to still develop your board state at the same time.


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