My main duel commander deck made to play somewhere between jeskai tempo, and draw-go.

I believe the UWR color combination has the most potential to adapt to any meta, having the colors to effectively answer any type of threat presented:

With white's many 4 drop board wipes, artifact/enchantment removal, cheap unconditional removal, land destruction, and life gain;

red's mana efficient creature removal and burn for extra reach;

and of course, blue's counters and draw.

Most importantly though, the multicolored spells, along with the walkers in UWR, are extremely powerful.

UWR's card pool is the most versatile for control builds.

But why Ruhan of the Fomori, beyond his color identity? Given Ruhan of the Fomori's cheap cmc and 7/7 body, the deck has the ability to switch game plans to fit the scenario it's in very easily. It can become a death and taxes deck on greedy mana bases and combo. You can initiate early counter fights to make them tapped out on turn 4, next turn slam Ruhan and Clout of the Dominus and get aggressive, maybe sling some burn spells and flash them back for a cheese win. Or be on the draw-go planeswalker win-con plan, depending on your Intuition of the deck you're playing against, and whether or not you feel like you can make the player give you a window of opportunity.

Beyond being flexible, Ruhan does have a very solid game plan. Control the early game with cheap interaction, follow up with two/three for one's like Volcanic Fallout/Electrolyze/Wrath of God, taking charge of the field. Stick a Ruhan with backup to keep him alive, and follow up next turn with land destruction. There is little more satisfying than playing Ruhan of the Fomori with counterspell back up, into an Armageddon, Ravages of War, Balance, or Cataclysm.

Key card swap considerations:

Baneslayer Angel vs Cataclysmic Gearhulk

Fact or Fiction vs. Glimmer of Genius

Volcanic Fallout vs. Sudden Demise

I'm considering swapping out a card that is more impactful only in the early game for a pure draw card. Something like a Mana Tithe for Secrets of the Golden City type of swap. Not sure what the proper card to take out would be, but I feel like while I am comfortable doing one for one's until I Sphinx's Revelation or Jace, the Mind Sculptor or the like, I find myself in an awkward top deck battle more often than I'd care for. So I'm thinking my card draw density isn't large enough. Am I crazy for thinking about Visions of Beyond with all my land destruction and cheap spells?


Went 3-0 at a local Duel Commander tournament. I made some key swaps that I am now very pleased with:

Baneslayer Angel: I put it in the day before, and it was an allstar that I am very pleased with. I was initially very skeptical as far as playing it into removal, but I suppose I was too critical. There aren't as many removal cards that can deal with Baneslayer as I anticipated, and Baneslayer's ability to swing a game to the threat of removal ratio is highly in my favor. Way more impactful than it's contender, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, who was a more redundant additional Cataclysm. Absolutely in love with Baneslayer Angel now, especially against low interaction decks.

Think Twice: I subbed this card in for Mana Tithe. Think Twice feels like a very subtle power boost to the deck. While I am still uncertain that Mana Tithe is the right thing to pull out, I am convinced Think Twice belongs in the deck. The ability to draw more cards EoT after holding up interaction mana really helps the tempo of the deck, ensuring you hit all of your land drops on time. Any suggestions as far as what can be taken out to put Mana Tithe back in would be more than welcome. I feel it would have been very useful in a lot of my games.


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