My main French duel commander deck made to play somewhere between jeskai tempo, and draw-go. I chose Ruhan after I chose the colors, and conformed the deck into Ruhan's favor a bit.

Ruhan of the Fomori , in the current meta (June, 2019), allows you to play your red board sweeps without having to work around Ruhan, while red sweeps are now more important than ever with all of the 30 to 40 1-3 toughness creature decks. Being able to have Ruhan on the board and keep him on the board after successfully clearing the path for him is a major upside to playing him not only the commander, but as the win con. He gets around a lot of spot removal, and many times requires 2 for 1 trades in order to clear him from the board, while the deck does a great job already at generating a net card advantage over most aggro to midrange decks.

This concept of limited removal available to remove Ruhan also justifies the inclusion of land destruction. Even if they have 1-3 creatures on the board when the LD hits, typically they cannot trade blow for blow to race with Ruhan at a sustainable pace. Not mentioning the deck's above average count of low cmc spot removal and burn to help close the gaps and clear the way off of 1-2 mana easier than other decks. Boros Charm thrives on the casting or post cast of LD for one sided LD auto win potential, 4 damage reach on walkers Ruhan can't hit but are still on board, or double strike on Ruhan to close the match.

Not only do the colors play well for the meta, but the colors provide the best walkers. Between disputably one of the best 6 drop bombs for the format, Elspeth, Sun's Champion , who either stabilizes the board when behind, or creates a threat that demands an answer before stealing the game, to the numerous Jace walkers who speak for themselves at this point, to the new Narset, Parter of Veils , and Teferi, Time Raveler , who have taken control decks by storm. They are all proactive and dynamic threats that demand responses before they generate too much tempo to come back from.


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