My main French duel commander deck made to play somewhere between jeskai tempo, and draw-go. I chose Ruhan after I chose the colors, and conformed the deck into Ruhan's favor a bit.

I believe the 's color combination has the most potential to adapt to any meta, having the colors to effectively answer any type of threat presented with the least amount of drawbacks available for control.

Key card slot considerations:

Proactive finishers*

Lyra Dawnbringer / Teferi, Hero of Dominaria / Will Kenrith / Torrential Gearhulk /and all the other great bombs

I feel like I'm at a critical mass of higher cmc proactive in my deck. I'm drawing them often enough, sometimes a little too often. So I don't want more, I need to start replacing. Lyra Dawnbringer speaks for herself, she's a second copy of Baneslayer Angel . Will Kenrith is a walker I feel can be played a lot like Elspeth, Sun's Champion . With a high loyalty count, and a +1 that forces your opponent to commit a lot to the board, I don't forsee any issues with tapping out turn 6 for him. I used to run Torrential Gearhulk , but it got cut. It felt lacking. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria is great, but doesn't feel.... right for the meta right now? I'm not sure where this slot should go.

Mid-level raw card draw*

Chemister's Insight vs. Careful Consideration vs. Glimmer of Genius vs. Pulse of the Grid vs. Cerebral Vortex

I made room for this slot because I've been needing more raw card draw, so that I'm less likely to be on the poor end of the one-for-one battle. While my cards are already overall favorable for these one-for-one trades, hand disruption and burn tend to create a sense of urgency on the need to get ahead faster. The power level of these cards feel like they aren't on par with the format though. Suggestions highly welcome.

3-cmc red board wipes

Volcanic Fallout vs. Slagstorm vs. Anger of the Gods vs. Sweltering Suns vs. Deafening Clarion

There is a need for at least one 3 cmc red board wipe in a Ruhan control shell. Which one and how many seems very dependent on how the meta feels, and very up for debate. Volcanic Fallout used to be in the deck as a weaker wipe that had utility against creature light decks, as it hits walkers and was uncounterable, so it wasn't a dead card, ever. It seems to be worth considering now more than it did when I decided to cut it, since partner and Saskia decks will likely play around sorcery speed wipes, giving fallout a bit of an advantage. Though it only hits about half of their creature base, which is a strong argument for a 3 damage wiper instead. Anger of the Gods seems less and less important these days, as graveyard creatures don't seem to be nearly as important in the current meta (10-14-18). Sweltering Suns seems like the generic "can't go wrong" choice, as it does it's job or gets cycled. Deafening Clarion is a spicy ass card that seems very interesting that is now in the deck, but hasn't been tested yet.

Quick-fire red wipes*

Sudden Demise vs. Pyroclasm vs. Whipflare

Currently playing with both Sudden Demise and Pyroclasm . I feel that this choice is heavily meta dependent, as a lot of the decision can be decided based on percentages of the meta's creature's toughness, and quantity of creatures being played. A while back ago when Titania, Protector of Argoth was huge meta, and Saskia the Unyielding , RDW, partner aggro, and Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow weren't really things, Sudden Demise was by far the favored for me. Now, with the mentioned decks above being the vast majority of creature meta decks, a turn two 2-damage sweeper is so much better, especially on the draw. Makes the world of a difference. Running two is mostly due to such large portion of the meta consisting of tons small 1-2 drop creatures.

Artifact Removal Selection

Wear / Tear vs. Dismantling Blow / Orim's Thunder / Invoke the Divine

It really comes down to efficiency vs. value. Do I pay more for better abilities, or keep on the low cmc to do more with my/their turn? Generally, I would say efficiency, but Invoke the Divine recently replaced Wear / Tear , and has been really cool so far. It's somewhat in the middle of the efficiency and value scale, being that you get the full value at 3 cmc, and does something worth while beyond artifact/enchantment removal.

Early spot removal

Abrade vs. Fiery Impulse vs. Chain Lightning vs. Burst Lightning

I realize I'm fairly counter heavy, and could use some instant speed removal love beyond just Path/Bolt/Swords. While Abrade is the most robust and un-conditional, it doesn't offer the often very important turn one creature removal as the others do. Fiery Impulse , while being able to offer the turn one creature removal, doesn't hit walkers/players, and lacks some reach until the later turns. The fact that it only hits creatues does make a difference, as we are playing Ruhan, after all. Chain Lightning offers the reach, walker targeting, and turn one kill ability, but it is sorcery speed, and can be copied. Sorcery speed may be counter-productive towards the idea of the turn one kill, and isn't modal like Abrade .

Burst Lightning is a late night thought added to the mix. Does everything it needs to early game (for the most part), while extending to a not so cost effective, but still relevant ability, late game card.


Went 3-0 at a local Duel Commander tournament. I made some key swaps that I am now very pleased with:

Baneslayer Angel : I put it in the day before, and it was an allstar that I am very pleased with. I was initially very skeptical as far as playing it into removal, but I suppose I was too critical. There aren't as many removal cards that can deal with Baneslayer as I anticipated, and Baneslayer's ability to swing a game to the threat of removal ratio is highly in my favor. Way more impactful than it's contender, Cataclysmic Gearhulk , who was a more redundant additional Cataclysm . Absolutely in love with Baneslayer Angel now, especially against low interaction decks.

Think Twice : I subbed this card in for Mana Tithe . Think Twice feels like a very subtle power boost to the deck. While I am still uncertain that Mana Tithe is the right thing to pull out, I am convinced Think Twice belongs in the deck. The ability to draw more cards EoT after holding up interaction mana really helps the tempo of the deck, ensuring you hit all of your land drops on time. Any suggestions as far as what can be taken out to put Mana Tithe back in would be more than welcome. I feel it would have been very useful in a lot of my games.


Really looking at moving some new cards into the deck that seem to have some great synergy with it. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , Lyra Dawnbringer , and Settle the Wreckage . Lyra Dawnbringer being, in almost every sense, a second copy of a proven all-star, Baneslayer Angel . Teferi, Hero of Dominaria being such a strong control bomb with his insane abilities. Settle the Wreckage I'm feeling strong about right now. With the recent banning of Zurgo Bellstriker , I feel that partner decks and Saskia the Unyielding are going to be the heavy hitters of the format. They run tons of little creatures, and very little basics. Teferi, Hero of Dominaria 's +1 works well with Settle the Wreckage as well.


The past few weeks have been quite the adjustment for this deck. Shifting card selections around to get a feel for each one, as well as the conflict of adding Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , Settle the Wreckage , Spell Snare , and Fiery Confluence , while trying to add Pyroclasm , Lyra Dawnbringer , and (at least for testing) Will Kenrith . I thought it was a tight squeeze before these changes, but man, this has been a really hard time as far as deck building goes. Going to be testing Pyroclasm in place of Condescend , and Glimmer of Genius will be subbed out to test a few different cards on the maybe board.


Duel commander has been kind of dying out in my area, so I haven't been able to play, let alone test any new cards. Any new additions like Deafening Clarion , etc.. are just speculated upgrades without any actual testing done with them for now.


Considering a Spellseeker , Pull from Tomorrow , Sudden Demise package. Recently pulled Sudden Demise , and my 3-4 flex draw spell slot for Cataclysmic Gearhulk , and Sweltering Suns . Tons of aggro going amok, so Gearhulk seems pretty sweet. Suns over Demise mostly so I know I can hit all of the creatures in these 4 color aggro decks.


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