Rubinia's had enough. She's tired of singing the same old songs, it just doesn't have the same feeling to her anymore. Time for something different, time to go over the deep end. Time for the Doom Song.

This deck is designed to be as evil as possible, exploiting Rubinia's ability to snatch opponents' creatures, then sacrificing them for various results. Running with the evil theme the deck contains numerous infinite combos. Bant colors just have so many good ones available.

Like the song of a Siren, Rubinia tempts opposing creatures into becoming her thralls, only to later meet their demise.

I've organized the combos into their own categories, save for parts that were slightly more universal or could be used in multiple combos. I'll have a detailed rundown of combos and synergies soon.


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Made a couple tweaks....cut a couple of the weaker Infinite Combos in favor of more ramp to make the stronger ones more consistent. Explosive Vegetation, Boundless Realms, From Beyond, and Voyaging Satyr all added in. Also added in Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger to give From Beyond something to fetch with its second ability.


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