Classic means I used only old border cards from Alpha (1994) through Scourge (2003)

Step back in time to a world of mediocre ramp, decent draw, and a ton of fun! This ended up becoming a pile of good stuff where you steal threats with Rubinia, then sacrifice them whenever you want to. Since we’re sacrificing creatures, it made sense to add a minor graveyard subtheme. Plus, you’ll see a little Saproling subtheme as well. As we play, we slam some big creatures and gain bits of advantage here and there. It’s a great deck to hand to someone looking to play something different, and forces proper threat recognition. I also found out it’s surprisingly good at winning too!

The maybeboard is a list of more costly cards I might add one day, plus the suggestions I am considering :)

Favorite card: Future Sight does so much work! It’s so fun to race through each top card and gain insane value.

Estimated deck level: 6.5/10


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