crazy faerie tribal synergy lot of rogues to trigger prowl the blackguard put counter on rogues and trigger a very good ability a lot of creatures of the deck are rogues and the bitterblossom drop more rogues rogues trigger prowl the noggin wack is amazing here and the morsel thef too.... but the notorious throng can break a game ,all the rogues here are faeries and fly so you can trigger prowl easy,if you damage 6 for example and cast notorious you put 6 1/1 faerie rogues...if you have 2 oonas blackguards on bf this tokens are 3/3 flying tokens with a discard trigger at damage and you are casting the notorious by prowl so YOU TAKE AN EXTRA TURN! some counterspells and discard spells to protect the pond and yourself.....and a lot of posibilities and tricks!!! it a very beautiful tribal deck


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