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Rocks running rampart (esper gargoyle tribal)

Casual Artifact Reanimator Tribal W/U/B (Esper)



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The Gargoyle

The Guardians are taking wings.

They're gliding through the nightly alleys.

What would you say were stranger things

Happ'ning in this cities valleys?

Of steel and stone and artifice

are made the guardians grounds.

But you should know: their screams and crys

Make terrifying sounds.

So the final pieces arrived, but I didn't yet get the chance to play with it. As far as I can imagine, filling my grave fast enough to crack Gate to the Afterlife in a reasonable time might be kind of a problem. Does anyone have ideas on how to get faster in this regard?

For now, the goyles have some pretty interesting abilities that can help win the game.

Thraben Gargoyle   is unspectacular, it's the only available one-drop and can become pretty dangerous once it's transformed. A bad gpg target, but it's fine if we get down a Wakestone Gargoyle.

Darklit Gargoyle is better. A cheap flyer that can chip in for three damage is reasonable, and once it's eternalized, it can hit for ten damage for only three mana.

Stonecloaker: a great card with included graveyard hate. And it can reset a Voidstone Gargoyle. Also, 3/2 flying for three is very good.

Gargoyle Sentinel: a 3/3 for three can be a beating. Ok, this guy has to be awaken over and over again, but it benefits a lot from Wakestone Gargoyle. At the very least, it's a massive roadblock.

Tower Gargoyle: 4/4 flyer for four is well worth three colours. Good card.

Wakestone Gargoyle is weird. It lets our defenders attack, and even with multiples of it, you only have to activate the ability once per turn. This becomes slightly better once eternalized.

Manor Gargoyle: a bigger Gargoyle Sentinel with two upsides: as long as it's grounded, it has indestructible. And the awakening only costs one mana. It's a shame that this guy isn't 5/5.

Voidstone Gargoyle: a flying 3/3 Pithing Needle for five seems fair. This card can shut down freaking planeswalkers even right before ultimating. Good enough.

Nullstone Gargoyle: let's be honest. It costs nine mana in a deck that has no actual ramp. For that, you get a 4/5 flyer with symmetrical prohibition. It is a premium gpg target. But there are three main reasons for it here: it's a gargoyle. And look at that artwork. And that flavourtext. What's not to love about Rocky?

Swords to Plowshares: removal. No more, but no less either.

Notion Rain: a draw spell that can help cracking Gate to the Afterlife.

God-Pharaoh's Gift and Gate to the Afterlife: pretty obvious, isn't it?

Gargoyle Castle: on-theme creature-from-a-can. Also look at that flavourtext again.

Please leave general suggestions on how to gargoyle. I want them to become harder to beat (ba dumm tsss).


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