Mono-Green Aggro, centered around Roaring Primadox and creatures with "Whenever _____ comes into play..." effects.

Deck focus:

  • Roaring Primadox : Bounces a creature you control back to its owners hand on your upkeep. This allows for abusing creatures with "comes into play" effects.

-Acidic Slime: A very useful creature to abuse with the Primadox's bouncing effect, allowing you to destroy opponents land, artifacts, or enchantments repeatedly. Also has Deathtouch as a threat mechanic to keep opponents at bay.

  • Strangleroot Geist: Another creature to greatly abuse with the Primadox. Allows you to rush your opponent and either force them to block, or sneak in some early damage. Then if it dies and comes back with a counter, bounce with Primadox, rinse and repeat.

  • Yeva, Nature's Herald: Green creature Flash from hand. Handy in abusing the Primadox's ability.

  • Bond Beetle : Another wonderful card to abuse with Primadox. Allows for multiple +1/+1 counters.

Other spells in the deck are focused around getting through to your opponent after abusing the Primadox, and for baiting your opponent into blocking. Rancor and Serpent's Gift are prime examples.


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