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Wizards Preconstructed Deck from Planar Chaos

Some view death as a door into another world. The Rituals of Rebirth deck views death as a revolving door that leads right back onto the battlefield!

Early in the game, drop giant creature cards into your graveyard with cards like Icatian Crier, Fa'adiyah Seer, and Greenseeker. Then play Resurrection or Dread Return to put a gargantuan attacker from your graveyard directly into play. Teneb, the Harvester is your best bet: Not only is it a 6/6 flying Dragon, but itll reanimate more of your creatures as it takes huge chunks out of your opponents life total. If you havent gotten Teneb into your graveyard yet, you have plenty of other options, like Phantasmagorian or Jedit Ojanen of Efrava. Your opponent will have a hard time dealing them with on turn 4!

As the game goes along, youll accumulate so much land that you can simply play any of your giant creatures from your hand, which means Evolution Charm becomes useful as a resurrection spell as well. When your creatures wont stay dead, who can stand in your way?



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