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Rith + Tokens = ... Profit?

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My first EDH deck ever existed, still going strong and evolving since 2010. Started with mostly Alara-Naya - based cards. Lately it's slowly shifting to a proper goodstuff-pile. This deck has proved to be vicious in multiplayer gaming. Not to mention that this deck is my favourite pet. I have been foiling this for some time now and still going..

.. But if you have something which would be even better for this pal, then let me just know!

Otherwise, the title says it all.

When I'm in "boring mode", my game mostly goes like: Defense of the Heart -> Dowsing Shaman + Blazing Archon. Then just what pops on my mind. I can only tell that it have worked very smoothly in most of my matches. What comes from the Tooth and Nail aspect, usually my meta demands me to search for Avacyn + Blazing Archon.

But when I'm in "let's enjoy this.. wait.. let me enjoy this game - mode", I just go and play whatever I have. That's the magic of "goodstuff" decks.

Wait? Didn't I have a token theme? For sure. Doubling Season is my best friend ever and Parallel Lives comes right after that. That's about it.

Wait? What? Also Planeswalker-ultimates fit with the original plan, thanks to Doubling Season.

And the game goes on..


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Still trying to get rid of cards with almost none play value usually sitting in my hand. Recently added in Devout Invocation, Primeval Bounty and Scavenging Ooze.

Also marked the foils to keep myself up to date what cards I still need to fully foil this one.


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