The Inspriation

I started playing magic back in 1994 when I turned 10 years old. Revised had just come out and Legends and the Dark was on the horizon. I played with my older brother so he got first choice of colors, he chose black and green, I got red and white, and we split all blue cards. We both got a starter decks and for me no card was better than Shivan Dragon (with art by Melissa Benson) although Serra Angel was a close second. This deck is an homage to playing magic in my childhood. Lots of big nasty flying dragons, and lots of weenies, aka tokens, and of course I had to splash in lots of green to make it really gel... i did ask my brother permission if I could use green and he said yes!!!! woohoo!!!

The Plan

These deck has two main goals...

Number 1: get lots of dragons out fast

Number 2: make lots of tokens, especially dragon tokens, but one cannot be too picky about free creatures This plan can be summed up no better than a single card Utvara Hellkite... we take a big baddie like this and give him tons of support ie Anointed Procession, or Dragon Tempest, or Scourge of Valkas, or Helm of the Host... of course there are lots of neat moves like this one:

turn one: Sol Ring

turn two: Dragon Tempest

turn three: Doubling Season

turn four: Sarkhan, Dragonsoul

Then you tutor for all your dragons and win... but of course there is lots of redundancy like instead of Sarkhan, Dragonsoul you could use Ajani, Caller of the Pride

You gotta have lots of mana ramp, and lots of card draw if you are ever gonna survive into the mid and late game... but nothing beats flying in with a big ole battleship dragons, beating wholesale face, and playing magic like its 1994

The Combos

The Win

  1. So many big old flyers, hitting everyone in the face

  2. Unexpected wild combos

  3. Crazy superfriend ultimates

  4. Hasty, Double striking, pumping commander damage out of nowhere plus Xenagos, God of Revels

  5. The well timed one-sided board wipe, with a little Fresh Meat on the side

  6. Martial Coup followed by Decent of the dragons with a little Samut, Voice of Dissent followed by smash face


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